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How to segment a contact list?

In email or SMS marketing, accurate targeting of the campaigns is key to the successful of your campaigns.

In Mailify Sunrise, you can target from an already existing contact list to send a campaign to a specific segment of your database. This type of targeting is done on the data that you have entered in your list. This is a different method of targeting from a campaign's statistics.

To target, go to the "Contact lists" tab and enter the contact list you want to target.

Click the "Targeting" button next to the total number of contacts in your list:

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Targeting criteria


Once you click this button, new options will appear on the screen, at the top of your list, and you can start targeting.


The two drop-down menus allow you to make combinations of conditions to restrict your list only to the contacts you are looking for.

The first drop-down menu contains the variables of your targeting. These variables correspond to the headings of your columns as well as the import source of the contact in the list.

By default, this menu contains the variables "Email" and "Source".



The second drop-down menu allows you to apply a condition to your variable.

For a column type "Email", "Date type field" or "Simple text field", you can choose from the following conditions:

  • contains
  • is different from
  • is equal to
  • starts with
  • ends with
  • modified


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The condition named "modified" allows you to target based on a modification date of the field. In this case, a 3rd menu will allow you to choose between "since (+ date)" or "since (+ number of days)".

 For a column type "Number field", you can choose from the following conditions:

  • is different from
  • is equal to
  • is superior to
  • is greater than or equal to
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to
  • is between


The third box can be either a numeric selector for the type condition "Number field", or a date field, or a text field for all other conditions.

The combination of these 3 criteria therefore creates a rule. As soon as you enter a rule, your contact count decreases to keep only the corresponding recipients.

Of course, you can combine the rules to create more precise targeting. It is possible to add as many rules as you want by clicking on "Add a rule".

To note

From a mathematical point of view, each rule is automatically separated by a condition of type "AND" (and not of type "OR"). This means that each rule is additive to the other, and to be successful, a contact must meet the conditions of all targeting rules, not a rule OR the other.

For example, if the following 2 rules have been defined:

  • Civility> Equals> Mr.
  • Country> Is equal to> Italy

Only Italian men will be retained.
A "Sir" whose country is "Spain" will not be retained in the selection, although it meets the condition "Title = Mr".