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What is the difference between the Essential and Premium offer?

Essential offer

The Essential offer gives you access to support by phone, email and/or chat if required and to the standard features that have made the success of Mailify.

  • Campaigns: creation of email and SMS campaigns, creation of basic automatic campaigns (only email channel with event-based triggers, no behavioral triggers), basic A/B split based on a single criterion
  • Creation: EmailBuilder, Smart Templates, royalty-free image database, gallery of 90 customizable templates, integrated image editor
  • Contacts: unlimited contacts import, automatic deletion of duplicates, automatic management of unsubscribers / bounces, multi-criteria targeting, automatic detection of the title of your contacts
  • Landing page and Forms: HTML integration script, form integration on dedicated page
  • Deliverability: anti-spam test before sending, customizable sending domain
  • Integration: connection to Zapier, SQL connector, Prestashop, Magento & WordPress connectors, API access


Premium offer

A Premium subscription allows you to go further in your marketing strategy by getting a broader support and having access to advanced features.


Access to Mailify experts

To save time, increase your performance and optimize your results, you can have access to the Mailify experts whenever you want: first presentation of the platform, introduction to a specific feature, answers to questions related to your requirements, your strategy, the results of your campaigns or your deliverability.


Priority processing of your calls and requests

By subscribing to the Premium offer, you have priority in the waiting list when you call our customer service. Your support requests are prioritized by our teams as well.


An in-depth analysis of your issues

If needed, our experts will spend more time on the phone with you to analyze and understand your marketing issues.


Advanced features

Access all the features of the Essential offer mentioned above as well as a wide range of advanced features only available to Premium customers. These features will help you to optimize the working time of your teams as well as the results of your marketing campaigns.


Save time and optimize the performance of your campaigns

  • Multi-channel automatic campaigns: increase the visibility of your messages with automated scenarios combining email and SMS.
  • Advanced automatic campaigns: send the right message at the right time of your customers' journey thanks to behavioral triggers.
  • Multi-criteria A/B testing with automatic sending: test several criteria of your campaign at the same time and optimize your results by automatically sending the version with the best scores.


Generate more qualified leads with landing pages and forms

  • Pop-up form integration: be more efficient in collecting visitor data by implementing pop-up forms on your site.
  • Landing page creation: improve your conversion rate by integrating responsive landing pages with your custom domain name on your site.


Improve your sender reputation and the deliverability of your campaigns

  • Multi dedicated domains
  • 1 domain name included
  • One dedicated IP address included


Simplify the collaborative work of your teams

  • Account sharing: improve team collaboration and communication by sharing access to an account and its resources (campaigns, templates, contact lists, etc.) and assign specific roles and rights to your collaborators.
  • Multi-user access: up to 3 users included


Improve the synchronization of your data

  • Unlimited API requests
  • Webhooks
  • Import your contacts via FTP


If you want to benefit from a custom-made support with a dedicated coach and have access to all the advanced features of Mailify, we invite you to consult the details of our Exclusive offer. A question about our offers? We invite you to make an appointment with one of our consultants.