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What are the different possible subscription options?

When you are about to place an order for routing credits on the Mailify e-shop, after having selected your formula and level of service, your volume of emails and your type of subscription (annual or monthly), you can add a number of options to your subscription.

 SMS packages: this option allows you to buy, in addition to your email routing credits, routing credits for your SMS campaigns. As with email routing credits, the price of SMS packs depends on the volume selected. Packs range from 100 credits to 500,000 credits. For a personalized volume, you can contact the Mailify sales department.

Dedicated domain names: Shipping domains play a fundamental role in the deliverability of your email campaigns. This option allows you to order a dedicated domain name, in addition to the one(s) provided in the offer you have previously selected. Indeed, if you have chosen the Premium or Exclusive offer, your subscription package includes 1 and 3 domain names respectively in your order. However, you can add more with this option. On the other hand, if you choose the ESSENTIAL offer, you will have to add a domain name to your order if you want to benefit from this option. In addition, you can only order one domain name with this subscription package. Learn more about domains.

Additional Users: This option, available only for PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE subscriptions, allows you to add one or more additional users to your Mailify Sunrise account. You can add users to your Mailify account to work on your emailing and SMS campaigns with several users. Templates, campaigns, contact lists and black lists... all data are accessible to several collaborators, which promotes teamwork. Even your routing credits can be shared. Accessible only by accredited users, your files do not leave the private domain! You can manage the sharing of your data from the settings of your Sarbacane account. It should be noted that the PREMIUM and EXCLUSIVE formulas include 3 and 10 additional users respectively by default. However, you can order new sharing credits if you want to add users in addition to those initially included in your offer.