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How to access the campaign statistics?

Once your campaign has been submitted, you will be able to follow the progress in real-time on Mailify Sunrise.

You can go to the statistics screen of your campaigns from the dashboard, or from the "Statistics" or "Campaigns" menu.

From the "Campaigns" menu

You can access your campaign statistics from the "Campaigns" menu by clicking on the histogram icon on each of your campaigns: you will then go directly to the statistics of the campaign in question.


From the "Statistics" menu

You can access the statistics of your campaign by clicking on the tab "Statistics" on the home page of Mailify Sunrise: you will then arrive at the overall statistics view of your campaigns.

Click on one of the campaigns to view its specific statistics.



From the Dashboard

You can access your campaign statistics by clicking directly on your campaign overview on the Mailify Sunrise home page, as long as it's one of your recently sent campaigns.