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How to analyze the statistics of an automatic campaign?

To analyze the statistics of a single automatic campaign, you must first identify the campaign you want to study.

Start by first selecting the type "Automatic" at the top left of the "Statistics" page.

If you have activated a large number of automatic campaigns, manually searching your campaign in the displayed list can be tedious.

Several tools allow you to refine your selection to search for the automatic campaign that interests you.

Search by date, tags, or just by name.

 Your campaign selection is refined in the left pane of the page based on the selected search criteria.
Once you have found the automatic campaign that you want to analyze, click on it: you will start displaying the statistics specific to the campaign in question.

You may notice that a "Results" tab appears to the right of the "Summary" tab. This tab gives you the key performance indicators of your automatic campaign.

In the case of an automatic campaign consisting of a workflow triggering email campaigns and/or sms campaigns, you will be able to independently consult the statistics of each of the email and SMS campaigns included in your wokrflow.


Statistics for each message in an automatic campaign scenario

In an automatic workflow consisting of multiple email campaigns and/or multiple SMS campaigns, you can view the statistics of each email and SMS campaigns that make up your automatic campaign by clicking on each of the messages in your scenario.

The performance indicators of the email and SMS campaigns in a workflow are the same as those of a classic campaign. Navigate the different tabs to the right of the "Statistics" tab to discover the advanced statistics of your message.