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What is the Heatmap?

When you send an email campaign, you will very rarely get the same number of clicks on each of your links.

This difference may be due to the interest that your readers have in it, or due to the visibility of the links within your email design; Some areas being more visible or eye-catching than others.

The heatmap allows you to visualize the intensity level of the clicks, identify the hottest and coldest areas of your email. This way you can instantly see which links performed the best.

Warm regions, considered the most active, can be identified by warm colours (red, orange), while cold regions, less active, are indicated by cold colours (blue, green, or areas without colour).

Advantages of the Heatmap

The heatmap is very useful to learn how to identify what your contacts like, and improve the effectiveness of your next email marketing campaigns.

A heatmap will allow you to rework the areas of your template that have not generated the expected interest, and to use the most active areas to place important content.

How do I view the Heatmap of my campaign?

The heatmap is only available for email campaigns. It is necessary that your campaign has been sent and that the statistics are available, before you can consult the heat map.

Consult the heatmap by going to the "Statistics" menu, displaying the statistics of your campaign and click on the "Links" tab to display the click-data of your campaign. The heatmap will be displayed in this menu, next to your links, providing you with more visual information.