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Smart Templates: how to automatically generate templates tailored to your brand identity?

This feature analyzes your website and creates in a few seconds responsive and ready to be sent templates that are in line with your visual identity.


Generate your Smart Templates

To access this tool, go to the "Templates" section of your account and click the "Smart Templates" tab.

Smart Templates


Fill in the URL of your website and then click on the button on the right to run its analysis.

Let's take the example of the Mailify site.



The tool automatically detects your company logo and the main color of your corporate design.


Logo and main color


Your social networks are also detected automatically. You will find them in the "Social Networks" section in the menu on the right.


Social networks


You will find the automatically generated templates on the left.



Here are the different available templates: newsletter, birthday, notification, abandoned cart reminder, latest news email, sales email, one-to-one prospecting email based on Outlook style, official announcement, internal communication, registration confirmation, welcome email, gift card.


Select and modify a template

You can select and edit each template to customize it to suit your needs by clicking on the template's visual or on the action menu under the chosen template.




When you select a template, you are automatically redirected to the EmailBuilder to edit your template.



Once your template is finished and ready to use, you can save it by clicking on "Save this template" at the top left of the window. You can also delete the existing template and replace it with a brand new template created from scratch.




To create a campaign from one of your Smart Templates, simply click on "create a campaign" in the action menu under the chosen template

.Create a campaign


You can also create a new campaign from the home dashboard and then choose the EmailBuilder as the creation mode. Go to the Smart Template tab and select the template of your choice.


Edit the style guide

You can change the logo and the main color by using the appropriate action menu in the "Style guide" section.


Style guide


You will see under the visual style a preview of the global design of your templates with the changes you would like to make. Click on "Apply changes" to change your templates according to your new settings.



You can also enter another URL and click on the green icon next to it to launch a new analysis and create new Smart Templates.


Relaunch analysis


 If you are not registered as a Mailify customer yet, please go to