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Save time with Sarbacane, a simple and intelligent automation tool.

Implement our intelligent automation solutions to improve the efficiency of your marketing! Improve the engagement rate of your prospects and customers with ultra-personalized automated messages on all your communication channels.

Automate your marketing campaigns

Automate your marketing campaigns

  • Schedule automated multi-channel campaigns

    Create automated multi-channel campaigns to reach your contacts consistently via email and/or SMS. Automation allows you to customize your messages for each channel for a consistent and relevant user experience.

  • Trigger your scenarios automatically

    Use automation to trigger campaigns based on a specific date or the behavior of your contacts (email opening, registration, etc.). For example, send an automated birthday campaign to each contact on their birthday or send an automatic reminder campaign when a contact opens one of your campaigns.

  • Sync Sarbacane with your business tools

    Sarbacane Campaigns can be synchronized with your business applications to retrieve the data you need for your automated campaigns. This integration will allow you to automate your data collection processes and personalize your messages based on the data you have collected.

  • Improve the engagement rate of your contacts

    Automation allows you to interact with your contacts at the right time in their journey. For example, you can automate reminder campaigns for contacts who haven't opened your latest campaigns. By interacting with your contacts at the right time, you improve their engagement and increase your chances of conversion.

Simplify the sending of your transactional emails

Simplify the sending of your
transactional emails

  • Benefit from optimal deliverability

    Sarbacane Sendkit, our transactional email sending application, allows you to benefit from optimal deliverability thanks to our secure infrastructure. Be assured that we make every effort to ensure the confidentiality of your emails.

  • Receive real-time notifications

    With our tool, you can receive real-time notifications about key events related to your messages (opening, bounces, clicks, etc.) through webhooks. These notifications allow you to track the performance of your messages and adapt them to improve your open and conversion rates.

  • Strengthen your brand image

    Personalize your transactional emails by adding your logo, colors, and message to strengthen your brand image. Sarbacane Sendkit allows you to easily customize your transactional emails to offer your recipients a unique and personalized journey.

  • Automate the sending of your transactional emails

    Easily connect Sarbacane Sendkit to your e-commerce and CMS solutions, such as Prestashop, Magento, or WordPress, to automate the sending of your transactional emails. This allows you to save time and improve the effectiveness of your communication with your customers by automating the sending of order confirmation, delivery tracking, etc.

Boost your sales prospecting

Boost your sales prospecting

  • Automate your prospecting sequences

    Simplify your prospecting by sending and managing your prospecting sequences from your mailbox. Sarbacane Engage allows you to create personalized sequences and automate the sending of your prospecting emails, to save time and improve your conversion rate.

  • Don't miss any sales opportunities

    Optimize your sales performance by automating your follow-ups with Sarbacane Engage. You can schedule automatic follow-ups to effectively track your potential prospects and customers and not miss any sales opportunities.

  • Sync your data with your CRM

    Improve the quality of your contacts and campaigns by synchronizing Sarbacane Engage with your CRM. This allows you to automatically retrieve customer information to create personalized and targeted messages.

  • Improve your response rate.

    Personalize your prospecting messages to improve your response rate. With Sarbacane Engage, you can create ultra-personalized messages using information from your prospects and customers to capture their attention and increase your conversion rate.

Automate conversations with your visitors

Automate conversations with your visitors

  • Chatbot & Livechat: Be available 24/7

    With Sarbacane Chat, you can create fully automated conversation scenarios that work 24/7. Visitors can get answers to their questions at any time without waiting for an agent's intervention, thereby providing an optimal user experience.

  • Automate responses to frequently asked questions

    With Sarbacane Chat, free up your teams with a conversational agent that automatically responds to your visitors' most common questions. Personalize automatic responses according to your company and industry.

  • Centralize your support requests

    With Sarbacane Chat, you have an intuitive ticketing system for centralized and efficient customer service management. Track and respond to your visitors' and customers' requests from a single application.

  • Optimize the user experience

    With Sarbacane Chat, analyze the performance of your automated scenarios to optimize the user experience. Using data on your visitors' conversations, such as conversion rates, engagement rates, and time spent on a conversation, improve your scenarios to offer an optimal user experience.