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What does it mean to customize the sender's domain and links?

Customizing behaviour tracking links in your campaigns optimizes your legitimacy for tools that filter URLs. As a result, you optimize your deliverability rate and thus your opening rate.

How do I personalize my domain name?

In the Mailify app, go to 'Settings' → 'Domains'. You will see two options:

I wish to create my domain name with Mailify. (dedicated to your emailing campaigns)

If you choose this option, you can check the availability of the domain you wish to use and buy it directly through our website. Once your order is validated, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the availability. Once the domain name is available within the application, you can choose it from the drop-down list and begin using it in your campaigns.

I have my own domain name and wish to use it.

You will see the two options "By Delegation" and "Manually". We recommend that you choose "By Delegation" as the process is simpler, however if your domain provider does not allow you to add NS records to your DNS control panel, then you need to choose the option "Manually". Then, open our guide and follow the instructions in order to add the correct records to your DNS control panel and successfully configure your domain with Mailify.

Note: When creating a campaign, do not forget to select the domain you have just configured in the Step 1 - "Settings".