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How do I set up the Magento module in Mailify?

The Magento module enables you to synchronize your shop's contact lists with Mailify. You can easily generate a contact list with your customer and their business information, as well as another list with newsletter opt-in contacts.


Step 1 - Find the Magento Connect Manager


The module requires a Magento version between 1.7 and 1.9.

From the menu, click on System / Magento Connect / Magento Connect Manager

The Magento platform and how to arrive at the Connect Manager page

Step 2 - Install the module


There are two methods of connecting your Mailify account with your Magento account.


Method 1 - Install Mailify using Magento Connect


  • Click on the Magento Connect link, on "Search for modules via Magento Connect"

    The search facility in Magento Connect Manager
  • You will be redirected to
  • Use the search bar named "Search for extensions" and enter: Mailify
  • Select the Mailify module
  • Once on the module page, click on "Install now"
    • a. At this step you need to be logged into your Magento Connect account
    • b. Copy the installation key
    • c. Paste it in the second field of the Magento Connect Manager
    • d. Click on "Install"


Method 2 - Manual installation


    • Download the archive on click here.
    • Upload the module via "Direct package file upload"

      How to upload the Mailify Extension file manually in Magento


  • Click on Upload


Step 3 - Configure the module


    • In the menu "Newsletter", click on Mailify.

      The Magento Admin Portal

    • Do you already have a Mailify account?

      The first step of the configuration in Mailify

      If you don"t have an account you will be prompted to download the software and create your account.

    • Select your shop and pick your settings.

      At this step you will find your e-shops and choose their synchronization settings

      • Newsletter opt-ins: Automatically synchronize all of your newsletter opt-ins
      • Customers list: This option enables the automatic syncing of your customers. You can even choose to include their order data.

      The second step of the configuration in Mailify


  • Link Magento and Mailify

    The third step of the configuration in Mailify

    You have finished the Magento side of the set up. Keep step 3 open in your browser or copy and paste the information shown, and launch Mailify.

Step 4 - Activate the extension in Mailify


To enable the synchronization between Magento and Mailify, you need to access the Extensions section from the app's homepage.

The taskbar menu in Mailify home

    • Click on the button to enable the extension

      How to activate the extension Magento en Mailify


  • When the Magento pop-up opens, click "Add a shop":

    How to add a Magento shop in Mailify
  • Fill in the box with your shop's information:
      • a. Shop Name: Custom name to identify the shop on your contacts lists section
      • b. URL: URL of your Magento e-shop, displayed on the step 3 screen during the set up in Magento"s back office.
      • c. Activation Key: Key link between Mailify and Magento displayed on the step 3 screen during the set up in Magento"s back office.

        How to add a Magento shop with the Mailify extension

    • Once the form is completed, click "Enable". Your e-shop and Mailify are now connected and the contact lists will begin to sync.