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How can I share data with other users?

Mailify is an application that is installed on your computer but remains connected to the internet. Therefore, it´s possible to save your data (contact lists, blacklists, images etc.) securely online.

Within mailify, you can purchase another user for your account, which allows you to:
- Sincronize data so that it is accessible from any computer
- Work in a team to complete your emails
- Assign access rights and permissions to other users accessing the account.

How do I activate this?


1. Open Mailify and go to settings (the cog next to your name on the top right). When the window appears, select the tab Users and click Discover the offer. This will take you to our online shop in order to buy another user.

How to buy a second user in Mailify

2. Once you have bought a user credit, open Mailify (make sure to log out and log back in again first) and open the same window again. Here, you will see the option to invite another user.


3. Once you click send, simply enter the details of the other user in the box that appears.

4. Once the invitation has been sent, it will have an orange icon next to it untl the user accepts. If you click on Display you will see the options to restrict the rights of the second user.

5. The second user will now receive an email inviting them to join your account. Once they click on the link, they will be redirected to this web page:


6. They may also see this message if they are logged on to Mailify at the time that you send the invitation:

That´s it! Now you can both access the same Mailify account at the same time.