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Using analytics

We know you care about your general performance and want to take the necessary measures to continuously improve the quality of your customer service, and you're right to want to do so!

We designed our Analytics section, specifically for this reason.

How do I access to the Analytics section?

To access the page, simply:

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click on the Analytics tab on the left-hand side menu.

Here, you'll see 5 different categories, that translate to the 5 different types of Analytics you can keep track of:

  • Conversations: monitor your conversation performance.

  • Team: monitor your team's performance.

  • Contact satisfaction: keep track of your contacts' feelings towards your team.

  • Knowledge Base: monitor your Knowledge Base's performance.

  • Export: this allows you to export data from Sarbacane Chat.


In the Conversation analytics section, you'll be able to keep an eye on your conversation performance. You're able to see the number of conversations you've had over a specific time, the number of resolved conversations, the number of one-and-dones, the overall average response time your team has while answering incoming messages, for instance. You're also able to check out the number of times your chatbot interacted with customers. You got it, this section is for everything conversation-related.


In this section, you're able to see all of your team members' stats. You'll be able to see their individual average response time, their average resolution time, the number of conversations they have resolved, and their average CSAT, for instance. Keep a close eye on your team members and adapt your strategy as necessary.

Contact satisfaction

The Contact satisfaction section allows you to know more about your contacts' experience. Did their question get answered correctly? Are they satisfied with your service? It's all in this section.

You'll be able to see your average CSAT score, and the number of survey responses, for each survey and each topic (if you have activated the topics feature).

Knowledge Base

In this section, you'll get all the information you need on your Knowledge Base searches. You'll be able to see who searched for what, and if they found the answers they were expecting. This Knowledge Base section allows you to see if there's anything you need to improve in your Knowledge Base. Maybe you need to change some keywords, or some post titles, to make it as accessible as possible to your contacts. You can also see the number of successful searches, the number of failed searches, the number of read posts.


In this section, you can export your data from Sarbacane Chat. You'll be able to export data from specific periods of time, and specific sections. For instance, you're able to export your received conversations, the closed conversations, your average response times, your contacts' satisfaction rate. You'll also be able to choose under which format you export this data: xls or csv.

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