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Como inserir um link para cancelar a inscrição através do editor de HTML padrão?

When you import an HTML file into Mailify Sunrise, or copy and paste your own HTML code, the unsubscribe link is not automatically inserted into the email. In fact, we allow you to edit your content independently and not interfere with it in any way.

Therefore, you may be wondering how to add a unsubscribe link at the bottom of your message.

To do this, simply insert a line of HTML code into the content you have imported.

Here is the HTML tag of the unsubscribe link that you can insert: 

<a sb-type="UNSUBSCRIBE" href="{{unsubscribe}}" style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#333333;font-size:11px;">Click here to opt-out from this messages</a>


Copy and paste this part of the code into the body of the message, i.e. between the <body> and </body> tags that are displayed by default in the HTML editor.

The unsubscribe list used for the campaign will correspond to the one you previously selected in step 1 (Contacts > Recipients) of the creation of your emailing campaign.


Do you work with an agency? Do you have a dedicated team to create your emails?


Please note that this part of the code will not change from one shipment to another.

This way, you can provide this line of code to your provider or teams so they can insert it into all campaigns and you don't have to insert it manually with every HTML file import.