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Why are my statistics taking such a long time to load?

The statistical data from your campaigns is stored on our servers and synchronized to your computer (or co-worker's computer if you are using the Cloud).

Whenever data is reconstructed from scratch on a computer or a computer connects to the Cloud for the very first time, there might be a huge amount of data to download, which will take time. This depends on how many campaigns you are sharing through the Cloud as well as the number of recipients for each of them. The greater these numbers are, the greater the amount of data to recover and the more time it will take.

Data recovery might be done in a few steps. Below are the various stages of synchronizing statistical data:

1. Creating statistical data onto the server: This stage is about asking the server to prepare all of data to be recovered on the computer. This can take between a couple of seconds and a few minutes depending on the data to be recovered.

2. Recovering statistical data: This is about downloading statistical data. Again, it might take time based on quantity of data and the internet connection.

3. Processing statistical data: This is about consolidating new data downloaded with data that was already available in your account. You will be able to look into, analyze, and use the results from all your campaigns in a given period. This might take more time if there are many campaigns in your account.

If your statistics are taking an abnormally long time to load, then please get in touch with our support team.