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How do I set up the PrestaShop module with Mailify?

The PrestaShop module with Mailify enables you to synchronize clients, accounts, and newsletter opt-ins from your online shop with Mailify's contact lists.


How do I install the PrestaShop module?


  • Download the module.
  • Copy and paste the Mailify extension for PrestaShop in the Modules folder of your PrestaShop store. Then follow the process as explained below.

For extra info, you may consult PrestaShop's online 'How to'.

The list of modules in PrestaShop

Click "Set" to access the module's settings.


How do I configure the module with PrestaShop?


The module has a 3-step setup wizard:

1. First, you have to confirm whether or not you have already installed Mailify

2. Then, you choose which shops (in case the multi-shop mode was enabled in PrestaShop) and corresponding email lists you want to use in your Mailify application. A contact list will be created for each shop and each type of recipient (client, newsletter opt-in...).

How to configure the PrestShop module

3. Based on your answer to first step, the module will suggest that you download Mailify if you have not done so yet.

How to configure the PrestShop module

Once the setup is complete, the module will show data you will need to enter in the software, namely a URL and an Activation Key. To enable the PrestaShop extension, go to the Extensions section from the homepage in the app.


A box opens where you will need to enter your shop's URL and the Activation Key that will connect your shop to the software. Copy and paste the info showing in PrestaShop's module page and confirm.


Mailify has been synchronized to your PrestaShop store and it will automatically save data from your shop.

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Opt-in
  • Date of first order
  • Date of latest order
  • Amount of most expensive order
  • Amount of cheapest order
  • Average order value
  • Total order value
  • Total number of orders


Data you find in contact lists will enable you to target your emails and send customized email marketing campaigns.