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How do I insert a dynamic field in a link?

A dynamic field makes it possible to pre-fill one or more boxes on a webpage.

For instance, recipients will not be asked to fill in all boxes of a form. Another possibility, is personalizing your emails for each recipient, by inserting a dynamic field to customized every email with the name of each recipient.


How do I insert a dynamic field in Mailify?


In Mailify, as long as you have added the apparopriate information to your contact list, you can insert a dynamic field with the variable that you like. To do this, follow these steps (we have used email as an example):


1. In the section "Messages" - "HTML content", cick on the link to modify it.

2. Write '' (replacing the data with your own, and removing the apostrophes)

3. After the equals sign (=), right click and select "Insert recipient data" and then select the variable that you would like to insert.