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Trigger type: abandoned cart

This trigger allows you to push an automatic workflow dedicated to abandoned cart reminders. 



To create one, create a new campaign. Select "Automatic campaign" and then choose "Abandoned cart" as the workflow type.



Requirements: you must have previously installed and updated your Sarbacane connector (with Prestashop or Magento) and have linked a shop to your Mailify account.



Trigger settings


Select a shop: Select the shop from the list of shops to be used.



If your Mailify connector is not up to date or if no shop is linked to your Sarbacane account, you will not be able to validate and go further in the trigger settings. The following error message will then be displayed: "The version of the Sarbacane plugin of your shop does not allow you to access this type of scenario".



If you encounter difficulties to install or update your Sarbacane plugin on your shop, do not hesitate to contact us.


Unsubscription list: the contacts being part of this (or these) list(s) will be automatically excluded from your mailings by Sarbacane in order to avoid any unsolicited communication.


Unsubscription method: by default, the unsubscription method defined in the parameters of your account is applied. However, you can select a different method for this campaign if you wish. You can choose between opening the standard unsubscription page of Sarbacane, or redirect your contacts to your site to manage your unsubscriptions yourself.


Once you have set the parameters of your "Abandoned basket" type trigger, click on the green button to validate. 

You will then be automatically redirected to the tool to create your automatic scenario.




Add a message


To create your first reminder email from the automatic campaign creation tool, click on the "Add a message" button under the trigger. Select the Email Builder as the creation mode.


Abandoned cart reminder email template


By default, you will see a pre-configured abandoned cart template but you can also create your message from scratch.




Cart content block

If you create your reminder message from scratch, you will find a new content module of the "Shopping Cart" type that you can integrate into your message by simply dragging and dropping. 



The parameters of this block will allow you to define the number of products visible in the abandoned shopping cart message. You can also activate / deactivate the variables associated with the product (photo, title, description, price, etc.) and delete or modify the column headers (products, price, qty, etc.).



The formatting of the variables (font, size, color, etc.) is automatically propagated to all rows.



When you have configured and edited your message as you wish, you can validate it. 

You will then be automatically redirected to the automatic campaign creation tool. You can then configure other reminder emails, for example according to the opening of the previous message.



Finally, when your entire campaign is configured, all you have to do is activate your scenario.

You will be able, at any time, to modify the trigger parameters of your scenario from the automatic campaign creation tool by clicking on the cogwheel icon at the top right of the trigger.



In the advanced settings, you can consult and modify the conditions for sending and stopping your automatic campaign.



Your campaign will be automatically stopped if the contact unsubscribes or if his basket has been validated, has been emptied or has expired.



NB: You can save your abandoned basket campaign as a template. However, when you retrieve it from the classic campaign creation mode, only the fixed text will be displayed. The abandoned cart module including its variables (title, description, photo, price, etc.) will not appear and an error message "the abandoned cart module could not be recovered" will be displayed.