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Why choose Sarbacane?

Choosing Sarbacane means choosing a top-of-the-line software solution and personalized support. Saving time and reaching your goals.

Being a dedicated partner in your success

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Making the best technology available

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Providing a first-class service

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Applying our market expertise to benefit you

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"To what extent is Sarbacane different? It's simple: we are the only marketing software editor to offer all our customers on-demand support combined with a high-end application. This is what we offer."

CEO Mathieu Tarnus CEO of Sarbacane Software
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Being a dedicated partner in your success

We believe it’s our duty to assist the companies that use Sarbacane.

Not because the application is difficult to master but because taking full advantage of it requires strategical differentiation efforts from companies.

That’s why our teams of experts study your business model to understand your goals in order to propose custom-designed marketing plans.

These strategies will allow you to turn your leads into customers, generate loyalty among your audience, drive your turnover and meet any other marketing goals we define together.

Our experts help you exploit all the most powerful features of the Sarbacane software in conjunction with an effective strategy, so you can get the best results.

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Our mission

“We work with our customers to carefully assist them with their technical and strategic plans in order to achieve their sales and marketing goals.”

CEO Paul de Fombelle Chief Operating Officer

Making the best technology available

Equivalent to Mailchimp

Innovation and excellence are the drivers that keep us going each day. We have the largest French R&D cluster in the field of direct marketing solutions which allows us to offer our customers the most powerful application possible.

We think it’s essential to offer a solid software solution so our customers can benefit from technologically perfect marketing tools right down to the finish.

Besides our capacity to develop very complete software, we have always believed in simplicity so everyone can get the most out of it.

Ainsi, nous faisons coexister dans Sarbacane les concepts d’intelligence artificielle, d’automatisation marketing et de prédiction marketing au sein d’une interface user-friendly.

Our vision

“To develop a cutting-edge software solution equipped with artificial intelligence and marketing automation in an ergonomic interface - that’s the challenge our R&D teams brilliantly take on each day.”

CTO Romain Jestin Chief Technical Officer

Providing a first-class service

Always ready to listen to our customers, we offer them support adapted to their needs and are available free of charge by email, chat, or phone at +1 646 867 2537.

So, you’ll never be alone at any stage of your project.

In addition to our advice and technical assistance, our Premium & Exclusive offers get you access to real individual monitoring. Our experts work with you to produce a marketing strategy that meets your goals.

By subscribing to a Premium or Exclusive offer, you’ll get access to an advanced level of support: practical tips that you can apply immediately, analyses of your market, custom message design, performance tracking and much more.

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Our commitment

“We put everything in place to actively participate in the success of our customers’ campaigns. This involves the best monitoring throughout all phases of message design.”

CSM Véronique Chocry Customer Service Manager

Our expertise for our clients' benefit

Sarbacane or sendinblue

Sarbacane has been helping its customers create communication strategies since 2001.

We put our teams’ expertise to work for them as well as a complete constantly evolving marketing solution.

What’s more, we make sure to combine a culture of innovation with an acute sense of support and service. So, even after all these years of practice in the field of direct marketing, our expertise is still getting sharper.

We put our efforts into remaining highly flexible and continuously on the lookout for new marketing and technology trends to keep on enhancing our offers.

It’s this combination that has allowed us to earn the trust and loyalty of more than 10,000 customers over the years.

Choose Sarbacane

Contact us at +1 646 867 2537 to talk about it directly with one of our consultants.