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What is an email campaign and how can a bulk mailer tool help?

Email marketing is a core component of most outbound digital marketing strategies; it consists of sending targeted emails to groups of contacts from a dedicated bulk mailer platform that is engineered for mass email campaigns.

What are the most effective types of email marketing campaigns?

No communication strategy is complete without targeted email campaigns. Engage your audience and increase conversions with regular, personalised content. Choose from the many types of marketing campaign:

Types of email marketing


Target groups

Time of sending


Inform, keep updated, create traffic

Prospects, clients, followers

Daily, weekly, mothly...

Email de prospection

Acquisition of new customers

Prospects according to your needs

Depending on the opportunities

Promotional email

Acquisitions, loyalty, boost sales

Focus on certain types of clients/prospects

Depending on company activities

Loyalty email

Get loyalty, boost sales

Loyal customers

After x sales or an X amout of expense

Transactional email

Important information about orders or payments

New customers and current customers

When opening an account, ordering, delivery, etc.

Retarget ex-clients

Acquisitions, loyalty, boost sales

Focus on certain types of clients/prospects

Depending on the high seasons during the course of a year

Email invitation

Reactivation of inactives, retargeting

Recipients who no longer open emails or interact

After a certain period (cycle)

Notification emails (trigger emails)

Notify, increase loyalty

New customers and current customers

Depending on the client's actions (welcome email, birthday, abandonned cart, etc.)

Why marketing automation matters

Email marketing isn’t all about branded newsletters. Often overlooked is the power of marketing automation; a sophisticated function that allows for the scheduling of emails according to the actions of a recipient – for example, a drip campaign that reminds contacts who put items in their basket to check out while stocks last, or a welcome email to every new subscriber. By choosing a bulk emailer with automation capabilities, you can create your content in one go and arrange for it to be sent depending on the action taken by the contact. With more time on your hands, you can focus on crafting your message and designing your content while Mailify sends your scheduled campaigns automatically.


The need for high-quality contact data

In order for an email campaign to drive conversions, you must ensure your database consists of qualified contacts that fit your target demographic. Of these contacts, those who have subscribed to your email campaigns are known as "opt-ins”: this means they have actively consented to receiving your marketing emails. However, it’s essential for any email campaign to come with a clear opt-out link to ensure contacts can unsubscribe if they are not interested. With a high-quality database comes ease of mass campaign customisation. Instead of sending out a generic mass email to your entire list, you can present your contacts with emails personalised to their particular interests and preferences: the more data you can add to each contact record, the more fields you can use to filter for targeted campaigns. Remember, it’s essential to always keep your contact list up to date with additional information or changes to their details to ensure the successful delivery of future campaigns. If you’re seeking an email marketing tool that will meet your needs, it’s a good idea to use a bulk emailer that efficiently handles bounces, incorrect or duplicate addresses and cleans up common typing errors to ensure your campaigns have the highest chance of reaching the inbox.

Opt for a bulk mailer that meets your requirements

To ensure campaign success, it’s best to choose a bulk emailer that meets your business requirements: efficient contact management, a robust and secure routing infrastructure and the ability to create responsive campaigns with a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Mailify is designed to bend to your unique needs and adjust to your skill level, providing user-friendly effective tools for beginners and advanced functions for experienced professionals. Our users benefit from high deliverability and increased conversions, but we’re always looking for new ways to improve our service through your valued feedback.

Discover the features of the software

Choose a bulk mailer that measures ROI

In order to track your campaign performance and get a closer look at how your contacts interact with your messages, you need a bulk emailer that meticulously tracks and reports on a wide range of statistics drawn from your campaign data: the click-rate, the conversion rate, the open rate and the reactivity rate, for instance. With full access to this information, Mailify users can learn from the data and make necessary adjustments to their approach in order to improve the outcome of future campaigns. This is where you start to see a tangible return on investment; it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your revenue. Email marketing campaigns play a key role in the digital marketing matrix, but in order to get the most out of your emails, it is essential to learn more about best practice and turn theory into action.



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check_circle Global Geotracking

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