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Sarbacane Contacts

Sarbacane Contacts

Your contact lists for your marketing actions, in one place

A proper management of contacts is essential to ensure the performance of your marketing strategy. Add as many contacts as you want, create your mailing lists and target your campaigns.

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Sarbacane Contacts

Manage your contact lists

Import and Manage Your Contacts

Import and Manage Your Contacts

Segment your recipients

Segment your recipients

Target and personalize your campaigns

Target and personalize your campaigns

Increase the performance of your actions

Increase the performance of your actions

Import an unlimited number of contacts Synchronize your contacts from your tools Edit your contacts once, for all your lists

Save your contacts
in a list and manage your sendings

  • Import an unlimited number of contacts

    Add as many contacts as you want in Sarbacane. Import an Excel file (csv, txt, xls), add them via copy/paste, from an address book, Outlook or a SQL database.

  • Synchronize your contacts from your tools

    Automate the addition and update of recipients. You can add / edit / delete data in your contact lists and blacklists using simple HTML requests with the GET method or by using the following connectors: Google sheet, Salesforce, Prestashop, FP, MySQL, Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Zapier, etc.

  • Edit your contacts once, for all your lists

    Create, complete and edit your contacts over and over again in the Sarbacane Contacts directory. Thanks to the Contacts file, the modifications made on the same contact are synchronized on all the lists in which it is registered.

Automatic deletion of duplicates Correction of incorrect addresses Detection of the civility

Smart tools to qualify your databases

  • Automatic deletion of duplicates

    Sarbacane detects and deletes the duplicate email addresses of your contacts in your database. Save time and money to focus on your emails.

  • Correction of incorrect addresses

    It is possible that your contacts have typed their email address incorrectly on your site. Sarbacane Contacts detects and corrects the recognized errors, identifies the incorrect syntaxes and corrects the domain names.

  • Detection of the civility

    Use the first names of your contacts to detect their civility and add it to your contact list to better personalize your email & SMS campaigns.

Advanced multi-criteria targeting Automatic blacklist management Marketing pressure control

Target your contacts to improve the performance of your campaigns

  • Advanced multi-criteria targeting

    The targeting possibilities are infinite. Use and customize the fields in your contact list (name, address, date of birth, etc.) to filter your database and create precise, customized targeting.

  • Automatic blacklist management

    Automatically remove unsubscribers and NPAI from your lists at the time of sending to avoid sending your campaign to unnecessary contacts. Select the desired blacklist for your campaign. Unsubscribers will be automatically added to it.

  • Marketing pressure control

    If your contacts are over-solicited, they may unsubscribe from your lists. Thanks to tracking and contact activity logs, you have access to all of your contacts' interactions with your campaigns, and can limit the number of campaigns sent to the same email address over a period of time.

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Sarbacane Contacts is an integral part of an all-in-one marketing software that gives you access to many other features. Transactional messages, forms, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages, email prospection, chatbot, livechat, – learn more about all the complementary modules of our marketing suite to optimize your cross-channel digital communication.

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