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The solution for public communication

Sarbacane is a 100% european tool that gathers your contact lists and your e-mails and SMS in a single application. It offers a simplified access to your citizens or users. It is also an approach based on a permanent support to improve your efficiency. A communication lever for connected, smart and innovative public institutions.

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Sarbacane Public Institutions

How Sarbacane helps you communicate with your constituents?

Promote your action

Promote your action

Initiate dialogue and encourage proximity

Initiate dialogue and encourage proximity

Foster consultation and measure relevance

Foster consultation and measure relevance

Make the work of your services easier

Make the work of your services easier

Sarbacane has allowed us to communicate more effectively and revitalize neighborhood life by strengthening residents' participation in local events.

Fabrice KUSIAK - Internet / ICT Project Manager

Lille City Hall

'Fabrice KUSIAK - IT Project Manager'
Promote your activity easily

Promote your action with ease

  • No technical knowledge required

    Send high quality newsletters without any special technical skills, with a simple drag and drop.

  • Customize your sendings

    Personalize your campaigns to suit your recipients and optimize the impact of your public communication, the success of your projects and the success of your territory.

  • Constant customized support

    Benefit from a constant custom-made support from our experts (digital strategy consultant, webdesigner...) available by phone, email and chat.

Initiate the discussion, encourage proximity

Engage in dialogue, encourage closeness

  • Share your news

    Share your news with the largest audience possible thanks to our emailing solution: public policies, local initiatives, practical information, events...

  • Stay tuned to your constituents

    Stay tuned to your constituents and users with Sarbacane Chat (online chat, appointment scheduling, Facebook exchanges...)

  • Automated bulk mailing systems

    Develop this relationship further with our automated bulk email and SMS messaging systems (prevention messages, reminder notifications, etc.).

Encourage dialogue, measure relevance

Generate consultation, measure relevance

  • Survey your constituents

    Create surveys by email and SMS very easily to find out the impact of your projects or services on your territory.

  • Foster local engagement

    Develop local animation by easily creating optimized registration forms and web pages dedicated to your events.

  • Report on your results, action by action

    Segment your database with our Central Contact Management tool and report your results, action by action, to the relevant partners.

Sarbacane, UGAP-SCC referenced publisher

A single account

A publicly owned industrial/commercial establishment under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Public Action and Accounts and the Ministry for National Education. It is the only "general" public procurement group in France. It enables public stakeholders to immediately access Sarbacane features without signing a contract agreement.



A single commercial contact


Management of any legal disputes


An online shop


Save on calendar and human time

Make the work of your services easier

Simplify the work of your services

  • One single account for your entire team

    Work as a team on a single account, share resources and manage the rights of each user.

  • Automate notification sending

    Reduce unnecessary tasks for your employees by automating administrative notifications.

  • Take advantage of a comprehensive statistical tool

    Manage all the data of your recipients in Sarbacane and benefit from a complete statistical tool.

Generate templates in your image

Smart Template : generate templates in your image

Many institutions use the Smart Templates feature of Sarbacane to save time in the creation of their emails and newsletters.Simply enter your website address and our tool generates for you email templates with your colors, ready to use and optimized for a perfect readability.

CCI Essonne

The template creation covers a wide range of needs by using the company's website identity. It is time saving but also a useful tool to stimulate creativity. The tool helps you to generate professional and efficient email campaigns very easily.

Jérôme - CCI Essonne

CAF Nice

Smart Templates is very user-friendly and it can help us save precious time. It allows us to create templates that may be more attractive than the ones we can create ourselves.

Louise - CAF Nice

Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux

Smart Templates is interesting because it allows at a glance to visualize template suggestions that can help those who have no time and inspire those who are looking for the best design solution that fits their vision.

Éric - Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux

Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

We have already tried Smart Templates which is very useful for a start with Sarbacane. It relies well on the colors of the website and saves time thanks to the insertion of the logo, pre-positioning of blocks, etc. ...

Marie - Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole

An all-in-one tool
For all your marketing operations

Sarbacane is a all-in-one marketing software That gives you access to many other features. Email & SMS marketing campaigns, templates, forms, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages, email prospecting, chatbot, livechat, CRM - discover all the additional modules of our marketing suite to optimize your cross-channel digital communication.

Wheel of applications of the Sarbacane suite