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Find about our trainings

Whether you are looking to improve your skills or add another dimension to your marketing strategy, we offer training tailored to your needs. Two types of training are available: face-to-face training at your office or remote training.

I get trained

Experienced trainers

Benefit from the guidance and expertise of our dedicated Sarbacane trainers to help you navigate all the features.

A practical approach

Besides theory and methodology, our training sessions include practical and actionable advice.

Remote training

We provide our distance learning by videoconference

Remote training

We offer a range of remote training sessions that cover a variety of topics around digital communication: from email marketing and SMS marketing to marketing automation and marketing statistics. We regularly update our remote training sessions offers in order to cover all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Getting started with Sarbacane

DiscoverSarbacane and the best practices of email marketing6 Hours

Discover Sarbacane 2 Hours

Create my first email campaign2 Hours

Create templates2 Hours

Interpreting your statistics2 Hours

Go further with Sarbacane

Set up a contact form2 Hours

Discover marketing automation2 Hours

Improve the deliverability of my campaigns2 Hours


Sarbacane is committed, through a charter of progress, to contribute to the development of accessibility for people with disabilities to common law training schemes. For any special request, you can contact our disability referent Nathalie Delapas by email at