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SMS marketing platform

With an opening rate of 95%, SMS campaigns allow you to communicate simply and quickly with your customers and prospects.

Discover the many features of Sarbacane for your SMS marketing and transactional campaigns

What is SMS Marketing?

What is SMS marketing

SMS marketing aims to send messages and campaigns by SMS for marketing, promotional or transactional purposes. These messages can be used to send offers (such as sales or flash sales), invite contacts to an event or alerts and notifications for transactional purposes (order tracking, appointment alerts, etc.).

Use the SMS channel to boost your marketing strategy

Use the SMS channel to
boost your marketing strategy

  • Communicate instantly

    90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received, making the SMS channel a reliable and fast tool not to be overlooked in your communication campaigns. Learn how to master our SMS solution.

  • Convert your prospects

    Use the SMS channel to boost your conversion rate by sending promotional offers or invitations to events.

  • Gain your customers' loyalty

    Wish your customers a happy birthday by SMS with an automated scenario: an opportunity to send them a promotional code and re-engage them.

  • Collect information

    Add a link to a responsive landing page integrating a form directly into the body of your SMS. Collect information about your customers and prospects, and retrieve a list of guests for an event...

Create your SMS marketing campaign in minutes

Create your SMS marketing campaign marketing in a few minutes

  • Create your SMS message simply

    An SMS campaign only requires a few minutes to be broadcast to hundreds (or even thousands) of recipients. No technical skills are required to write your message.

  • Import your contacts

    Import the phone numbers of your contacts from an excel or text file, or through registration forms. Learn more about SMS contacts.

  • Qualify & target your contacts

    Enrich your contact lists without limit (name, first name, gender, job title, date of birth, etc.) and send targeted SMS by selecting recipients using filters included in Sarbacane.

  • Personalize your message

    Personalize the sender and energize the content of your SMS with personalization fields, so that your recipients immediately identify your brand.

  • Go beyond simple text

    Create beautiful, enriched SMS by dragging and dropping your blocks of text, images, and multimedia content. This information will be easily accessible by your contacts through a link included in your SMS.

Schedule your SMS sends and opt for multichannel communication

Schedule your SMS sends and opt for multichannel communication

  • Create multichannel campaigns with Sarbacane Campaigns

    The synergy of marketing channels allows you to create scalable and automated relationships with your customers. Email and SMS are complementary, and Sarbacane Campaigns allows you to combine them through automation.

  • Opt for behavioral targeting

    Send a reminder SMS to openers and clickers of a previous email campaign to trigger a purchase or response from them.

  • Schedule your sends with the deferred mode

    When setting up your SMS campaign, you can choose between immediate or deferred sending according to your needs. This option is especially useful if you want to plan a campaign ahead of time or if you want to send a message at a specific time to maximize its impact.

  • Create an automated multichannel scenario

    Automated campaigns allow you to alternate your communication between email campaigns and SMS campaigns: send your detailed message by email to your contacts, then remind the most receptive recipients (openers and clickers) by SMS of your offer before it expires. Discover customer reminder SMS.

Use transactional SMS to optimize your customer relationship

Use Transactional SMS to optimize your customer relationship

  • Optimize your team's time

    Trigger automatic appointment reminders for your clients: you reduce missed appointments and thus optimize your team's time.

  • Reduce customer support costs

    Transactional SMS is an effective solution for reducing customer support costs by automating order notifications, delivery tracking, and appointment reminders.

  • Improve the customer experience

    With Sarbacane Sendkit,, send transactional SMS to improve the customer experience and facilitate transactions by providing them with real-time information about their purchases, appointments, and reservations.

  • Reduce cart abandonment rate

    Transactional SMS can also reduce cart abandonment rate by sending abandoned cart reminders and personalized offers to encourage customers to complete their purchase.