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Get more results with the power of artificial intelligence

Algorithms and machine learning are an integral part of Mailify and will help you improve your sends.

Predictive sending schedules your newsletters based on your contacts' opening habits or triggers them to be sent when your recipients check their emails.

intelligence artificielle


Your messages are sent at the time when your contacts check their emails.

  • Improve your open rates

  • Convert more prospects

  • Automate your sends

  • Improve your deliverability


Anticipate the perception of your newsletters before sending them.

  • Optimize the design of your newsletters

  • Improve the visual rendering of your messages

  • Identify and fix your mistakes

  • Improve your click rates

intelligence artificielle
intelligence artificielle

Smart Templates

Generate high-end templates reflecting your brand identity in just one click

  • Save time in the creation of your templates

  • Save on creation costs

  • Enjoy professional templates designed for conversion

  • Standardize all your communications

Intelligent functions in a powerful CRM.

Detect your contacts' titles

Thanks to machine learning, Mailify automatically detects the civility of your contacts based on their firstnames. Optimize your databases and personalize your messages better.

Correction of incorrect addresses

Mailify's artificial intelligence has learned to correct common errors in email addresses and corrects them for you. Your recipient base is continuously maintained to improve your results.

Go ahead and let artificial intelligence boost your results.