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The best marketing software for e-commerce

Discover Sarbacane, the all-in-one marketing tool that connects to your online store to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Convert visitors into buyers, build customer loyalty and boost sales on your site.

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Sarbacane E-commerce

How Sarbacane can be useful to you as an e-commerce site?

Connect your online store

Connect your online store

Retain your existing customers

Retain your existing customers

Send the right message at the right time

Send the right message at the right time

Measure your performance

Measure your performance

The Sarbacane coach provided me with many essential best practices for our skills development. Our performance has taken off, with an open rate between 40 and 50%.

Frédéric HAZAN - Digital and Logistics Director

Apostrophe Georges Rech

'Frédéric HAZAN - Digital and Logistics Director'
Connect Sarbacane to an e-commerce platform

Connect your online store

  • Connect Sarbacane to an e-commerce platform

    Sarbacane connects with the most used e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Prestashop, Magento...)

  • Integrate Sarbacane with a CRM

    Do you use a CRM? Sarbacane also integrates with the largest CRM solutions on the market and 1,500+ other software applications thanks to Zapier.

  • Connectivity between different tools

    Rest assured that information flows smoothly between your various marketing tools.

Send targeted content

Retain your existing customers

  • Send targeted content

    Send targeted and personalized content to your customers with Sarbacane's many customization options.

  • Personalize your campaigns

    Send them personalized campaigns for special events like their birthday.

  • Conduct group marketing actions

    Use SMS marketing to conduct group or targeted marketing actions: announce sales and promotions.

Marketing automation: sending the right message at the right time

Marketing automation : sending the right message at the right time

  • Marketing automation: sending the right message at the right time

    Welcome your new buyers with an automated and personalized welcome email: the first step towards customer loyalty.

  • Abandoned cart scenario

    Thanks to the implementation of an abandoned cart scenario, don't lose any more sales.

  • Post-purchase follow-up email

    Send post-purchase follow-up emails. Follow up with customers who show interest in a certain category or specific product.

Perform A/B tests

Measure your performance to maximize your sales

  • Perform A/B tests

    Perform A/B tests to determine the templates, subjects, and contents that truly attract your customers.

  • Analyze and improve your performance

    Access campaign statistics and improve your performance by analyzing your opening, click, reactivity and unsubscribe rates.

  • Identify products generating the most conversions

    Use valuable data to find out which products and call-to-actions generate the most conversions among your customers.

Generate templates in your image

Smart Template : generate templates in your image

Many e-commerce professionals use the Smart Templates feature of Sarbacane to save time in the creation of their emails and newsletters. Simply enter your website address and our tool generates for you email templates with your colors, ready to use and optimized for a perfect readability.

You Are Cosmectics

I find Smart Templates interesting, especially for businesses that do not have an integrated creative service. Template automation is relevant to save time and have attractive layouts.

Victoire - You Are Cosmetics


Finally, an emailing tool that helps you to save a lot of time! In one click, the application generates a large number of templates that correspond to various use cases. I am surprised by the consistency of the design, our graphic codes are respected.

Mélissa - Parifex


Automated front-end work should save a lot of time for your new customers. This is a great way for small and medium-sized businesses without large marketing teams to deliver professional quality campaigns.

Elise - Boulanger

An all-in-one tool
For all your marketing operations

Sarbacane is a all-in-one marketing software That gives you access to many other features. Email & SMS marketing campaigns, templates, forms, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages, email prospecting, chatbot, livechat, CRM - discover all the additional modules of our marketing suite to optimize your cross-channel digital communication.

Wheel of applications of the Sarbacane suite