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Advice, support & services on demand

We accompany you and help you build a winning email strategy

Rely on our team's know-how to assist you in the analysis of your strategy or take over some of the most daunting tasks on your plate.

Consulting service

Have your entire emailing strategy assessed

A Sarbacane expert carries out a thorough analysis of your marketing actions, provides a complete assessment and makes hands-on recommendations.

Our expert conducts a specific audit tailored to your company and reviews the situation with you several times a year.

We draw up a complete review of your marketing strategy during a physical (or telephone) meeting, which ends with a tailor-made action plan responding to the issues raised.


Our field of action

Recent collaborations

Campaign management

Delegate campaign management to an expert

You neither have time nor resources in-house to create?

Our teams take care of the management of your next marketing campaigns, from the technical preparation to their final dispatch.

Management of standard email or SMS campaign

Our experts analyze your brief and message, check the links and the sending domain, help you segment your database and make some strategic recommendations.

Once everything is ready, we'll take care of the sending of your campaign and the analysis of your results.

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Objectives :

  • Save time for your teams
  • Maximize the success of your sends

Creation of email/SMS automatic campaigns

Delegate the complete management of your automatic campaigns. Our experts design the automatic workflow of your choice in Sarbacane and set up your sends.

Your scenario is tested and connected to your databases, then activated from our side when everything is ready.

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Objectives :

  • Automate daunting processes
  • Save a considerable amount of time

Marketing mechanics

Optimize lead collection and re-engage your subscribers

You find it hard to reach your objectives on openings and clicks?

The main cause is usually due to the quality of the contacts. We offer requalification and cleaning programs that will drastically improve your results.

Creation of a welcome program

Our consultants design a contact form and an automatic welcome scenario dedicated to your business. This first step will allow you to build a trust relationship approach between you and your subscribers.

The scenario is entirely intended to comply with the GDPR

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Objectives :

  • Save time for your teams
  • Maximize the success of your sends
  • Take care of your brand image

Re-qualification and cleaning of your contacts

Limits the loss of performance of your campaigns through a re-engagement action plan. We design an update form and change your contacts' preferences accordingly in your lists. A reconquest campaign is sent to your contacts and we update your databases.

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Objectives :

  • Re-engage your inactive contacts
  • Clean your databases
  • Use fewer credits unnecessarily

Implementation of a Preferences center

We set up a preference centre with you based on your needs to give your contacts the choice to receive the newsletters they want.

We build and set up a multiple choice form to know your subscribers' email preferences. It's then associated with your databases.

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Objectives :

  • Reduce your opt-outs
  • Boost your open rates
  • Re-qualify your contacts

Tailored creations

Entrust experts with your graphic creations

In need of inspiration? No time to spend on the design of your emails? We offer to take care of your graphic creations. Our experienced web designers will create your email templates, forms and landing pages.

Form creation

We create an efficient contact form adapted to your needs, integrate it and connect it with Sarbacane.

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Characteristics :

  • Unique graphic proposal
  • Field creation
  • Connect and integrate

Create landing pages

Our graphic designers create a web page 100% dedicated to your conversion. We work on a quality page layout always based on your briefing and in accordance with your charter.

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Characteristics :

  • Unique graphic proposal
  • Integration and publication of the page
  • Mobile optimization

Need particular support?

Leave your contact details, we'll call you back and offer a service adapted to your requirements and meeting your marketing objectives.

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