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What is a newsletter campaign?

A newsletter campaign is a direct marketing approach that consists of sending emails to several recipients of a database at the same time in a targeted manner. Mailify is a leader routing solution in Europe.

The different types of email marketing

It's necessary today for advertisers to integrate their newsletter campaigns into their marketing strategy.
A webmaketing or e-marketing strategy cannot do without it, because a lot of conversions go through this door. There are, however, several types of email marketing:

Type of email marketing



When to send


To inform, maintain a relationship, generate traffic

Prospects, clients, subscribers

Daily, weekly, within a fortnight, monthly...

Prospection email

To acquire new clients

Prospects targeted according to their profile

Build loyalty, boost sales

Promotional email

Precise targetig on certian types of customers/prospects

According to the company

According to the company

Loyalty email

Build loyalty, boost sales

Loyal clients

After X time (according to life cycle)

Transaction email

To pass on important information  on orders and payments

New and current clients

When opening an account, ordering, shipping, delivery, etc..

Reminder email

Reactivate inactive contacts

Make an event known 

After X time (according to life cycle)

Invitation email

Make an event known 

New customers / users and current clients

Between 1 or 2 months before the event

Notification email (trigger events)

To notify, to build loyalty

New customers / users and current clients

To prospect,  retain clients, boost sales

Newsletter campaign automation

Sending newsletter campaigns usually means sending effective email marketing campaigns, but we can also talk about newsletter campaign automation (also known as trigger marketing).
This consists of scheduling the sending of emails automatically according to the profile of customers or recipients of any given newsletter campaign.
For example, you can send a welcome email upon registration, automatic birthday emails, etc.


A qualified database for your newsletter campaign

A successful newsletter campaign is based on a qualified database, good segmentation and good targeting. 
Your contact list must be an opt-in list - that is to say that recipients within your list have agreed to give you their emails and receive your newsletter campaign (not mandatory for B2B as opposed to B2C). An unsubscribe link is also mandatory (opt-out).
Wih high-quality address files, you can customize your shipments to improve impact and segment your contacts for customization.
Note that it is advisable to regurlarly update the recipient base to ensure the deliverability of future shipments. For this, it is necessary to remove the bounced addresses, erroneous and duplicates, and to correct the errors in the email addresses.

Choosing the right newsletter software for you

To send your messages, you must use a newsletter sofware that adapts to your needs. 
Generally, these allow the management of contacts and recipient databases a well as the creation of responsive design newsletters (for reading on mobile and tablet) through WYSIWIG type HTML editors.
These solutions also ensure optimal deliverability, thanks to secure and reputable professional routing servers, to minimize the risk of emails failling into SPAM.

Discover the features of the software

Measure the impact of your newsletter campaign

Our email marketing solution can give you a wide range of statistics on your newsletter campaign: opening rate, click-through rate, responsiveness rate, conversion rate, etc.
This makes it possible to measure the results and analyse the profitability of the campaigns sent, to optimize shipments and increase its turnover.
Finally, emailing is an excellent digital technique to communicate with your audience.
But to live up to its potentital, it is necessary to obtain training in order to understand what makes a newsletter campaign great - and get to know all the good practices.



check_circle Unlimited import (csv, xls, txt, sql)

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check_circle Advanced multi-criteria targeting

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check_circle Automated management of opt-outs and bounces

check_circle Automatic management of blacklists

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check_circle EmailBuilder Drag & Drop

check_circle HTML editor / WYSIWYG

check_circle Add attachments

check_circle Library of royalty-free images

check_circle Add dynamic personalized fields

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check_circle Proprietary REVO™ technology

check_circle Dedicated domain name

check_circle A/B Split Tests

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check_circle Sending of tests

check_circle Checklist before sending

check_circle Scheduled dispatches



check_circle Global Geotracking

check_circle Generate detailed statistics reports

check_circle Individual behavioral tracking

check_circle Calculation of the reading time

check_circle Email provider detection / reading device

check_circle Retarget inactives

check_circle Behavioral targeting

check_circle Google Analytics extension