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The newsletter creator that maintains your database continuously


Automatic deletion of duplicates

Mailify detects if email addresses in your database are duplicates - and deletes them to leave only one. This feature is automatically triggered before each campaign is sent as our newsletter creator checks your contact list one last time. This prevents you from sending the same email several times to the same person - and avoids you from consuming email credits unnecessarily.

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The newsletter creator that corrects erroneous email addresses

Our newsletter creator has a unique intelligent technology that detects typing errors in the domain names of email addresses. Thus, Mailify Sunrise analyses your emails and offers corrections when certain emails are flawed.

The newsletter creator that detects gender

It may happen that some of your contacts did not mention their civility during their registration to your email file. This makes it impossible to customize your email depending on the gender of each contact.
If you know their name, Mailify is able to find the gender of each recipient and add it in a column. You can, then, customize your subject line by adding "Mr. Smith" or "Mrs. Lepamt", for example.

Automatic removal of unsubscribers and bounces

To safeguard your reputation and optimize your newsletters, Mailify manages your unsubscriptions and removes unknown addresses or bounces, so you don't have to worry about it. Our newsletter creator always favours quality over quantity.

The newsletter creator that automatically manages blacklists

For each newsletter campaign, you define the blacklist that will be automatically fed when a recipient clicks the unsubscribe button in your email.
Thus, you can create as many blacklists as you want, and assign them to different types of campaigns, so as to not unsubscribe your contacts from all your mailings.

THe Mailify newsletter creator allows you to manage  your contact lists with ease


Unlimited contact importing

Add as many contacts as you wish in your newsletter creator. Import an Excel file (cvs txt, xls), add them via copy/paste, from an address book, Outlook or SQL database. 


API / contact lists

Automate the addition of recipients to you lists. For the experts, you can add / edit / delete data in your contact lists and blacklists via HTML queries with the GET method.


Multiple criteria filtering

Mailify is a poweful newsletter creator with infinite targeting possibilities. Use the fields in your contact lists (name, address, date of birth, etc) to filter your database and create a specific targeting.


Custom filtering criteria

Each column in your mailing list is a custom field. As a result, everything is fully customizable to create tailor-made targeting, based on your mailing needs.


Automatic deletion of duplicates

Mailify takes the time to delete the duplicate email addresses in your database. Save time and money - focus on your emails.


Correction of wrong addresses

Your contacts may have made mistakes when entering their email addresses on your site. Mailify's newsletter creator automatically corrects errors in the domain name. For example:


Gender detection

Your recipients did not indicate their gender? From their first names, Mailify's newsletter creator will identify their gender and insert it into your contact list to allow you to customize your newsletters. 


Curb opt-outs and bounces

At the time of sending your email, your contacts undergo a final check and addresses in the blacklist or contacts whose email is unknown are removed - effectively avoiding sending emails with no arrival destination.


Blacklist management

When creating your campaign, choose the list in which contacts who unsubscribe will be added. Thus, Mailify will automatically delete them from any future newsletter campaigns.


Opt-in forms

Create your own registration forms and collect new emails to enrich your contact lists. Intuitively integrate your contact forms on your site, and find your new subscribers directly in Mailify Sunrise.


Invitation forms

Are you organizing a one-time event and would like to invite your contacts? Create your own invitation form and receive your contact's responses directly in your contact lists.


Survey forms

Do you have questions? Your contacts probably have the answer. Create your own survey forms and collect responses from your contacts straight in Mailify Sunrise.