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Import your contacts with ease using the best newsletter software

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Unlimited contact importing to the best newsletter software

The best newsletter software that adapts to your way of working, in a flexible way.
You can import your contacts, prospects and customers without limit, in one click via the file import feature (Excel, cvs, txt, Outlook), a SQL database, copy and paste or good old manual addition. 
If you use a CRM such as PrestaShop, Magento or Wordpress, free modules synchronize your contact lists automatically and in real time with the Mailify software.

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The best newsletter software that allows you to connect via API

The Mailify API is an included extension to activate in the best newsletter software.
It allows you to import, modify, or delete data within a mailing list.
The idea is to automate the importing of contacts by connecting the best newsletter software to an external application via HTTP requests using the GET method, wether in PHP or ASP. 

Mailify allows you to manage all your contacts with ease - the best newsletter software


Import contacts unlimitedly

Add as many contacts as you wish to the best newsletter software. Import Excel files (cvs, txt, xlsx), copy/paste them, import them from an Outlook address book or from an SQL database.


API / contact lists

New recipients can be added automatically. Experienced users can add, modify or delete entries from their contact lists or blacklists with effective HTML requests via the GET method.


Multi-criteria filtering

The best newsletter software provides unlimited filtering possibilities. Use the data in your contact list (name, address, date of birth, etc.) to filter your database and create well-defined target groups.


Customized filtering criteria

Each column in your contact list represents an adjustable field. Consequently, everything is entirely customizable and you can filter according to your particular newsletter needs.


Automated deletion of duplicates

The best newsletter software takes care of deleting duplicate email addresses in your contact lists. Save time and money by focusing on creating your newsletter campaign.


Correction of wrong addresses

It happens that your customers make mistakes when entering their email addresses, while subscribing to your newsletter. The best newsletter software (that's us) detects and corrects typos in common domains automatically. For example,


Gender detection

Didn't you ask your contacts to indicate their gender when they subscribed to your newsletter? No worries, the Mailify newsletter software can automatically detect it according to their first names and add this information to your contact list. In this way, you can reach your email marketing contacts personally.


Minimize opt-outs and rebounds

Prior to sending your newsletter, your contacts will be checked one last time and the blacklisted addresses or invalid emails will be removed automatically. This means that you do not risk sending messages without a destination.


Blacklist control

When you build your campaign, all you have to do is choose the blacklist to which you want to add contacts who have not subscribed to your newsletters. Mailify will then remove them automatically from any future newsletter marketing campaign.


Subscription forms

Create your own registration forms and gather new email addresses to improve your marketing contact lists. Intuitively integrate your contact forms into your website and find all new Mailify Sunrise information automatically.


Invitation forms

You are planning an event and you want to invite your guests? Build your own invitation forms and see immediately in Mailify who has accepted to participate and who has not, as all RSVPs will be automatically registered in the contact list category.


Inquiry forms

Wondering what your contacts are thinking? Go ahead, ask them the question directly. Design your own customer survey and collect all the information in Mailify.