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Emailing: Develop Your Reputation and Foster Customer Loyalty

Email is an essential communication tool, whether for targeted marketing campaigns, automated transactional messages, or commercial prospecting actions. Use these types of emails to improve your reputation, foster customer loyalty, and find new business opportunities.

Create, send, and analyze your emails with Sarbacane

Create, send, and analyze your emails with Sarbacane

  • Personalize your content to engage your customers

    Easily customize your emails with our drag-and-drop Email Builder and our Smart Templates that reflect your graphic charter. Increase customer engagement by adding customizable fields and conditional blocks for dynamic and attractive content.

  • Optimize the deliverability of your email

    Optimize the deliverability of your emailing and transactional campaigns thanks to our performant and reliable infrastructure. Our experts also support you with personalized advice to improve your deliverability.

  • Automate your campaigns

    Create targeted and personalized messages using your contact data to trigger targeted and personalized messages and strengthen your relationship with your customers. Our intuitive interface for creating automatic scenarios (welcome, birthday, abandoned cart, inactive follow-up) combining email and SMS will help you improve engagement with your contacts and reinforce brand loyalty.

  • Track and analyze the performance of your emails

    Measure the effectiveness of your mailings in real-time thanks to the KPIs available in Sarbacane Campaigns (open rate, click-through rate, responsiveness rate, etc.). This information will allow you to identify the most effective campaigns and improve your next mailings. Learn more about your recipients and adjust your marketing strategy to maximize the impact of your emails.

Optimize the management of your contact data

Optimize the management of
your contact data

  • Easily manage your email contact lists

    Optimize the management of your contact data for an effective emailing campaign. Easily import your contacts from various sources (file import, FTP, connectors with your business tools) and use our cleaning features to avoid duplicates and input errors, thus improving the quality of your contact data.

  • Improve the quality of your database

    Clean up your contact lists with our features for correcting incorrect addresses, deduplication, automatic management of NPAIs and unsubscriptions, and use our advanced segmentation tool to send targeted and personalized messages. Sarbacane thus helps you improve the quality of your database and the deliverability of your emails.

  • Target your contacts accurately

    With Sarbacane, precisely target your contacts using our multi-criteria targeting engine. Create segments based on age, gender, location, and more for offers and content tailored to each profile, thereby improving your conversion rates.

  • Measure the engagement of your contacts

    Track the engagement of your contacts in real-time with Sarbacane. The engagement score automatically assigned to each contact, the activity log, and the contact sheet allow you to measure your contacts' interactions with your campaigns. Adapt your communication strategy according to the results and improve your contacts' engagement.

Deliver your transactional emails simply

Deliver your transactional emails simply

  • Simplify the sending of your transactional emails

    Easily integrate the Sarbacane Sendkit API/SMTP into your system, application, or website (PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, or other) and send all your transactional emails (order confirmation, account creation confirmation, etc.).

  • Improve customer engagement

    Customize your transactional emails to improve customer engagement and loyalty with Sarbacane. Use dynamic fields to personalize the content of your service emails with order details, delivery address, and more. Also, use your contact data to automate your campaigns and send the right message at the right time.

  • Optimize your sender reputation

    To protect your deliveries and maintain a good sender reputation, Sarbacane helps you set up authentication protocols such as SPF and DKIM. These protocols verify the sender's identity and improve the deliverability of your transactional emails.

  • Keep your teams informed in real-time

    With Sarbacane, help your teams track the engagement of your contacts (opening, clicking, etc.) by configuring webhooks for your transactional emails. Get insights into the performance of your transactional emails in real-time to make decisions faster and adapt your communication accordingly.

Automate your prospecting emails

Automate your
prospecting emails

  • Create high-performing prospecting sequences

    With Sarbacane Engage, easily import contacts from LinkedIn and send personalized prospecting sequences from your mailbox. Also, automatically synchronize your qualified leads into your CRM for effective follow-up. Save time in your prospecting and increase your conversion rate with this all-in-one solution.

  • Start a personalized relationship with your prospects

    Send personalized and relevant prospecting emails with Sarbacane Engage. Segment your database and adapt your message based on the profile of your contacts (industry, company size, etc.). Automate your email sequences to build a personalized relationship with your prospects and increase your chances of conversion.

  • Centralize your email prospecting

    Centralize your email prospecting activity in one place and keep an overview of your prospecting campaigns. Analyze the performance of your prospecting emails in real-time with detailed statistics on open rates, clicks, and responses. Drive your prospecting in real-time by adjusting your campaigns based on the results obtained.

Why include the email channel in your marketing strategy ?

Why include the email channel in your marketing strategy ?

The goal of this type of communication is often to promote a product to an audience, inform recipients through a newsletter, do prospecting, or offer a service. Unlike postal mailings (or direct mail marketing), sending emails allows for more immediacy when sending, is much easier to set up, and much less costly.