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Create mass email marketing campaigns with our bulk email server

Engage your audience with a dedicated bulk email server for your business

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Marketing professionals looking to engage their prospect and customer base via email campaigns need a tool that is designed for mass sending. The fact of the matter is that traditional platforms just are not built for this purpose. That leaves you with two options: if you are experienced in HTML, you can code your own branded email template. Or, you can just use a dedicated bulk email sending server that enables you to create and send professional, on-brand campaigns with no HTML knowledge required. So, no matter your skill level or time constraints, you have the freedom to create and send beautiful email marketing campaigns exactly as you would like. This essential digital marketing tool can help you to:

1 Design branded email campaigns intuitively

Save time and effort by using Mailify to design bespoke email marketing campaigns for your business

Discover our intuitive email editor

2 Create emails that look great on all devices

Considering half of all emails received globally are opened on mobile devices, you need a bulk mail server that will allow you to build create responsive campaigns.

Learn ,more about responsive emails

3 Tailor the content for your target demographic

Mailify is a flexible bulk email server provider designed with flexibility in mind. Now, you can adapt every element of your email campaign to suit the audience you’re sending it to. With more personalisation comes a higher chance of a great response, so don't hesitate to customise to your heart's content.

4 Get started in seconds with existing templates

To get started, just log in to our bulk mail server and choose from our library of email marketing campaign templates. From here, you can upload your own images, write your own message and adjust the sizing, fonts and colours to reflect your brand and the aim of your campaign. 

Send emails that get responses

By sending highly-personalised email newsletters that engage your audience and adapt to every device, you will build a profile with your target contacts and boost the open-rate as you go.

Mailify's bulk email server provider allows you to craft engaging email campaigns tailored to your audience


A user-friendly editor

Mailify’s bulk email sending server has been designed to keep email marketing campaign creation as effective as possible. You can use our EmailBuilder to build the best branded emails by just dragging and dropping blocks in to your template and tailoring them to fit your brand. All that’s left is to write your message.


Send additional information

If you like to keep your emails succinct and to-the-point but still want to give your audience more information, Mailify lets you add attachments to each message you send in your campaigns.


Choose from our vast library of images

Mailify’s EmailBuilder comes with a library of over a thousand royalty-free photos for you to add into your email to support your message and complement your brand. Merely enter your search term and select a picture to illustrate your message. 


Use merge fields for personalisation

It goes without saying that a personalised email has a higher chance of engagement with your audience. With Mailify, you can use dynamic fields based on the details available on your contacts: name, age, location job title, address are just a few of examples of the fields that you might choose to personalise.


Build emails for every device

Every email campaign crafted with Mailify will automatically adapt to every screen it’s viewed on without your input. Whether you start from scratch or use a template, our designs are already responsive, which means you don’t have to worry about testing it across several devices.


Import and edit a custom email code

If you have already spend time crafting a template through HTML or CSS, you can upload the code directly into Mailify. Our bulk email server comes with a WYSIWYG HTML editor, so you can customise the code of your email campaign using the Mailify software.