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Use our bulk email server provider to create custom HTML email campaigns

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Visualise your changes in real-time to build campaigns that get results

Whether you have already spent time coding the perfect email marketing campaign template or have the skills to start from scratch, Mailify’s default editor gives you the freedom to build a campaign to your exact specifications. While our bulk email server provider comes with a drag-and-drop EmailBuilder for users to build effective emails, our WYSIWYG html editor gives advanced users unlimited creativity and control over the design of their email. What is more, our editor allows you to see the outcome of every modification without having to constantly switch to a separate html code. Now, you are free to create and customise your email without restriction, all within the same platform.

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By using our bulk email server provider to code your own email campaigns, you can:

keyboard_arrow_right Add an HTML img alt attribute

keyboard_arrow_right Have a full-width background image

keyboard_arrow_right Add typographical emphasis to your text

keyboard_arrow_right Use images and videos of any format

keyboard_arrow_right Select any serif or sans-serif typeface

keyboard_arrow_right Have complete control over spacing

Once you have created a code you are happy with, you can save it in Mailify and use it as a template for any future email marketing campaign. Of course, there is no need to stop at one: if you are comfortable coding your own email marketing templates, why not create several to reflect different campaign types? With bespoke, branded templates for newsletters, event invitations and promotional emails, your life is made more intuitive when it comes to creating new campaigns. From here, you are free to make tweaks and A-B test your email design according to the response you receive.

Our bulk email server provider gives you the freedom to build elegant, bespoke email marketing campaigns

Find out how you can build branded marketing campaigns with our bulk email server provider


Build emails block-by-block

Looking to save time? Create effective email campaigns with our drag-and-drop EmailBuilder. Just select the blocks you wish to include and customise them to reflect your brand guidelines. Insert your message and add images, logos and links to make your unique marketing email.


Attach supporting collateral

If you prefer to keep your email content short and sweet, you can add supporting files such as whitepapers, flyers or brochures to your email marketing campaign with our bulk email server provider. Remember to keep your file to an acceptable size: the last thing you want is for an attachment to cause your email to land in a spam folder.


Choose an image from our extensive library

Add images to your email campaign to illustrate your message. You will be spoilt for choice when searching for pictures: our library has over 1000 royalty-free photos to choose from, so there really is something for everyone. Alternatively, you can upload your own image and use Mailify's integrated image editor to add filters, overlays, text, borders or changes to your pictures before placing them in your email campaign.


Personalise your marketing emails

It goes without saying that a customised campaign has a higher chance of a better response. With our bulk email server provider, you can make the most of your data to personalise your mass email campaigns. Using dynamic merge tags, you can customise the content and subject line of your email to suit the individual: title, name, age and location are just a few of the examples of the fields you can personalise using your own data.


Designed for all devices

Whether you use a pre-existing template or design an email with our EmailBuilder, you can count on Mailify to automatically adapt the content in real-time to reflect the device it’s opened on. No html knowledge is needed: we will ensure every reader receives your email exactly as you intended.


A bulk email server provider with an in-built HTML editor

If you have coded your own html email template through Dreamweaver or similar software, you can import and edit the raw html and CSS code directly in Mailify through our intuitive WYSIWYG editor.