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The marketing solution for health professionals

Sarbacane provides you with intuitive and secure communication tools that comply with the legal requirements related to the processing of health data.

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Sarbacane Health

How Sarbacane can be useful to you as a healthcare professional?

Guarantee the security of your data

Guarantee the security of your data

Communicate to the right moment

Communicate to the right moment

Improve the patient experience

Improve the patient experience

Build trust with your contacts

Build trust with your contacts

Manage all your campaigns from a single account

Ensure securityof your health data

  • Certified data processing

    Benefit from Sarbacane's certification for the processing of your health data through our partnership with Inovelan.

  • Send emails securely

    Easily and quickly send a high volume of emails to healthcare professionals securely, including those using MSSanté messaging.

Send targeted content

Communicate at the right time

  • Find the ideal moment through predictive sending

    Use predictive sending to send your communications at the optimal time and adapt to the busy schedules of healthcare professionals.

  • Manage staff scheduling

    Manage staff scheduling more easily by sending notifications in case of shift changes.

Improve the patient experience

Improve patient experience

  • SMS Notifications

    Send an SMS notification to your patients when their test results are ready.

  • Appointment reminders

    Reduce missed appointments by sending SMS reminders the day before a medical appointment.Reduzca las citas perdidas enviando recordatorios por SMS el día anterior a una cita médica.Reduzieren Sie verpasste Termine, indem Sie einen Tag vor einem medizinischen Termin SMS-Erinnerungen senden.Reduza as consultas perdidas enviando lembretes por SMS um dia antes de uma consulta médica.

  • Drive appointment bookings

    Automate reminder emails for annual check-ups to boost appointment bookings

Build trust with your contacts

Build trust with your audience

  • Intuitive editor

    Easily create professional emails with our intuitive editor

  • Royalty-free photo library

    Use our royalty-free image library to illustrate all your communications

  • Certified solution for data processing

    Use a certified compliant solution for health data processing

Generate templates in your image

Smart Template : generate templates in your image

Many healthcare professionals use the Smart Templates feature of Sarbacane to save time in the creation of their emails and newsletters.Simply enter your website address and our tool generates for you email templates with your colors, ready to use and optimized for a perfect readability.

TM Institute

Smart Templates are very intuitive, easy to use, and the result really matches the company's identity. It saves time for someone like me who manages a lot of tasks.

Manon - TM Institute


The templates are quite good and even more useful than the generic templates already available in Sarbacane. I can easily see three that I could use.

Tessa - Media-Santé


Smart Templates allowed me to quickly envision actions that we had put aside due to lack of time and skills. Now we will gain autonomy and reactivity.

Michaël - Nouveal


I just tested the solution, I think it's great! There are even some templates that I would gladly use as a replacement for existing ones. Congratulations on this great solution!

Julie - Smeno

An all-in-one tool
For all your marketing operations

Sarbacane is a all-in-one marketing software That gives you access to many other features. Email & SMS marketing campaigns, templates, forms, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages, email prospecting, chatbot, livechat, CRM - discover all the additional modules of our marketing suite to optimize your cross-channel digital communication.

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