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Learn to master Sarbacane with our video tutorials

Discover all the potential of Sarbacane and learn about its multiple features through our library of video tutorials. Classified by category, our tutorials will guide you step by step in using our software.

Sarbacane Tutorials

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Configure your account settings

Learn how to configue your Mailify account settings

Set up your profile

Learn how to customize your Mailify Sunrise profile in a few minutes

Share your account with other users

Collaborate with others on the same work environment and share your resources with whomever you want.

How to send an SMS campaign in 5 minutes

Send your first SMS campaign in just a few steps.

How to navigate Mailify's home screen

We present you the interface of Sarbacane Sunrise and the different actions possible from the home screen.

How to set up Mailify

Discover how to create an account on Mailify

Discover Mailify

Connect with your clients by using Mailify

Set My domain Name With Mailify

Learn how to set up your domain name with Mailify

Improve your deliverability rate with Mailify

Mailify explains how to improve your deliverability rate by authenticating your domain name.

Import a list from Google Sheets

Learn how to synchronize your Google Sheets contact lists with Mailify

Import a contact list via FTP

With Mailify Sunrise, you have the possibility to import your contact lists via FTP protocol.

Import a contact list via SQL

Automatically import contacts from your SQL database into your Mailify contact lists

Import your contacts with Mailify

Discover the different methods to import your contacts to create your lists.

Settings for your emailing & SMS campaigns

Learn how to configure the settings of your emailing and SMS campaigns

Create a header using the integrated image editor

Leran how to create a header for your email campaign using the integrated image editor and editing tools

How to launch an eye tracking analysis

Predictive eye tracking simulates human vision and allows you to measure the visual impact of your email

Discover the predictive sending

This feature allows you to send your campaign at the best time, for each of your recipients.

What is interval-based sending?

This option that allows you to split a large campaign into multiple, smaller batches and has several advantages.

How to test a campaign using the A/B test feature

An A/B test evaluates the performance of an email campaign by sending two versions of an email to two representative samples

Saving an image in my personal image library

With Mailify Sunrise, you can save your images in a personal gallery to use them later.

How to save and manage my own blocks of content

You can save a block of content to use it later in an other campaign

Create an auto campaign with "Page seen" trigger

Activate an automatic scenario when a specific page of your website is visited.

Time control of an action in an automatic campaign

Set the timing of your various mailings, using the delay options provided.

Stop conditions of an automatic campaign

Learn how to define sending ranges for your automated campaigns

Create an automatic campaign with Update trigger

Trigger an automatic scenario when a data in your contact list is added or modified.

Create an automatic campaign with Welcome trigger

Trigger an automatic scenario when a deadline is reached: birthday, a subscription renewal or any other date.

Create an automatic campaign with Date trigger

Learn how to create an automatic campaign triggered by a date.

Presentation of automated campaigns

Discover how to create automatic campagns with Mailify.

Synchronize your contacts with WordPress

Learn how to synchronize your contact lists with WordPress.

Synchronize your contacts with Prestashop

Learn how to synchronize your contact lists with Prestashop.

Synchronize your contacts with Magento

Learn how to synchronize your contact lists with Magento

Synchronize your Mailify contacts with Teamleader

Learn how to synchronize your contact lists with Teamleader