Find new customers

Fully automate your B2B sales prospecting by finding new prospects and converting them into customers with Sarbacane Engage. Engage these prospects in highly personalized email sequences that are sent directly from your own inbox, increasing the chances of interactions and triggering sales appointments. Save time, maximize the efficiency of your sales prospecting, and focus your efforts on converting prospects into customers.

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Centralize and manage your contacts

Add as many contacts and create as many lists as you want. Sync your business tools with Sarbacane Contacts to facilitate contact management and target your communications with ultra-precise segments. Easily track the activity of your contacts and update their details in just a few clicks across all your lists using the contact card. Keep a record of all interactions with your contacts and ensure that your communications are relevant and effective.

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Gain your customers' loyalty

Easily manage all your email and SMS marketing campaigns using Sarbacane Campaigns and build customer loyalty by engaging with them at the right moment in their journey. Create high-performing email campaigns with drag-and-drop using the Email Builder. Use automated scenarios combining emails and SMS based on declarative data or behavioral criteria to retain your customers and increase their engagement with your business.

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Interact with your visitors

With Sarbacane Chat, stay connected with visitors to your website and manage all your communications from a single tool. Offer an optimal user experience to your visitors by alternating between live chat and chatbot. Provide quick and accurate responses to your visitors by creating your own knowledge base. Maximize your conversion chances by setting up automated conversation scenarios and offer your visitors a personalized and efficient exchange.

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Manage your transactional emails and SMS

Easy to integrate via API/SMTP, Sarbacane Sendkit allows you to schedule, send, and track your transactional emails and SMS in real-time, ensuring optimal deliverability. The HTTP API and SMTP can be easily integrated into any system, application, or website. You can also use webhooks to be notified of any event or change of status on a message, automatically receiving all the necessary information for tracking the activity of your contacts.

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Collect data

Easily create attractive forms to collect new contacts, qualify and update your customer data, and organize event registration lists. By using double opt-in, you can generate qualified leads for your email & SMS campaigns, and effectively grow your contact lists. Don't miss the opportunity to convert your visitors into leads and update your contact information to qualify your database.

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Convert your visitors

Create professional landing pages in minutes, without technical knowledge, and increase your conversion rate. Host your landing pages on our servers and customize them to be responsive on all devices, with integrated forms to collect qualified leads. Boost your visibility by sharing your pages on social media or using them for online advertising campaigns.

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