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Develop quality customer relationships with transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are an effective method for conveying important information (registration confirmation, password reset, etc.). By synchronizing your business tools with Sarbacane Sendkit via our API, you can optimize message management and offer an optimal customer experience.

Develop quality customer relationships with transactional SMS
Increase customer engagement and loyalty

Increase customer engagement and loyalty

  • Get an excellent open rate

    With a 95% open rate, SMS is an essential lever for communicating with your customers. This way, you are guaranteed that the sending of your transactional SMS will be received, opened and read by the majority of your recipients.

  • Choose instantaneity

    With this channel, you can easily get in touch with your customers by transmitting essential information that is not promotional. The sending of transactional SMS is done instantly, making it a close and accessible medium to the largest number of people.

  • Improve your customers' experience

    Maintain a trusted relationship with your contacts in order to optimize customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long term. With transactional SMS, strengthen the credibility of your brand and reassure your customers by sending them the right messages at the right time.

  • Choose a multi-purpose communication channel

    Save time and manage the automation of sending your transactional SMS (alerts, notifications, etc.) via Sarbacane Sendkit's application programming interface (API). Transactional SMS allows for both quick information and important reminders to your recipients...

Easily integrate transactional SMS into your strategy

Easily integrate transactional
SMS into your strategy

  • Easily integrate our SMS API

    Sarbacane Sendkit allows you to easily integrate transactional SMS into your software, website, or any other tool to improve your company's organization and customer satisfaction. The installation of the SMS API is simple and quick, and your data is secure thanks to secure HTTP connections via SSL.

  • Optimize your transactional sends with our SMS API

    Our Sarbacane Sendkit platform provides you with all the necessary features to send your transactional SMS: campaign management to your contact lists, import of your contacts via our APIs, synchronization of your customer databases, processing of events (receipt acknowledgments, bounces, unsubscribe, reception) via the Webhook service...

  • Detailed reports of your statistics

    Get your KPIs in real time by retrieving and processing all metrics related to your transactional sends. You can analyze the results of your messages in order to optimize your transactional strategy.

  • Alternate between transactional emails and SMS

    Offer your customers a seamless and consistent communication experience by combining transactional emails and transactional SMS. Sarbacane Sendkit allows you to easily manage these two communication formats and centralize all your service messages.

What is transactional SMS?

What is transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS, also known as notification SMS, is an information message related to a specific action of your contact (receipt of an order, delivery confirmation or appointment reminder, etc.). Transactional SMS are highly anticipated by consumers and help optimize your customers' experience.