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Send professional marketing campaigns with our bulk email sender

Why use our bulk email sender for your email marketing campaigns?

Arguments créer emailing

Using a traditional email platform such as Outlook to send mass emails to your marketing contacts is a one-way ticket to their spam folder. What’s more, you’ll run the risk of being blacklisted, meaning any messages you send in the future will automatically be marked as spam. If you do opt for this approach for sending mass emails, you will soon find the process is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. The last thing you want is to waste time and damage your business’ reputation in the process.

1Improve efficiency

By using an email marketing tool that is designed to send mass emails, you can design elegant, on-brand emails and schedule message delivery in advance. As well as scheduling your campaigns, Mailify automatically cleans your data and manages your opt-outs, unsubscribes and duplicates so you don’t have to. Not only does this save you time, it makes the entire process more efficient for marketing professionals.

2 Keep your good name

Your aim should be to grow your marketing lists, not restrict the amount of people you can send your campaigns to. If you don’t want to run the risk of being known as a spammer, you should be using a dedicated email marketing tool that has been designed with your reputation in mind. Mailify will safeguard the sender reputation of your IP address to enhance the delivery of your emails and boost the ROI on every campaign.

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3 Design marketing emails intuitively

The best bulk sender platforms are equipped with software that allows users to efficiently design and build branded email campaigns that automatically adapt to the device they are opened on. They should provide professionals with the ability to completely customise every element and come with a range of options for personalisation. These are the features that conventional email providers can not offer; they are the tools a marketing professional needs to boost the response of every campaign.

4Make it personal

By opting for a specialist email marketing tool, you will be able to create customised campaigns that achieve a better all-round response. Mailify helps you to personalise your email campaigns with the addition of merge tags that correspond to your data, allowing you to tailor your message to fit the details of each individual in one mass email.

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Mailify is a professional bulk sender that has been helping a diverse range of companies to send beautiful, branded marketing campaigns for over 15 years. Their success speaks for the reliability of our service, but we’re always looking for ways to improve our bulk email sender to boost the outcome and deliverability of every marketing email.


High deliverability

At Mailify, we are always looking for ways to develop our platform further to meet shifting customer demands. That’s why we’ve revolutionised our reliable routing infrastructure to improve your email campaign's deliverability rate.


Customisable domain names

With Mailify, you can choose to customise the domain name of the sending server as well as the hyperlinks in the body of your messages to increase your click-through rate and improve the deliverability of your messages.


Split-testing capabilities

Digital marketing is all about experimentation. In order to improve the performance of your campaigns, our bulk sender allows for A/B testing on every email: this means you can send two variants of the same campaign to two different samples of your target list. Whichever version has a better open and click-through rate will be delivered to the remaining contacts on your list.


Quality assurance

Before you hit ‘send’, Mailify will conduct a final quality check to make sure you aren’t missing anything from your email and notify you if there are any red flags. That way, your campaign will be delivered exactly as you intend it to be.


Deliverability check

Just to be on the safe side, our bulk email sender allows users to send a test version of their campaign to themselves or their colleagues’ email addresses before sending the official version to a target list. You can send as many texts as you like and keep making tweaks, but the main point is whether or not the email lands in your spam folder. If not, it’s ready to be sent to your marketing contacts.


A final reminder

As well as a quality check, Mailify will run through a last checklist of reminders just to make sure there’s nothing you’ve forgotten before sending your campaign. That way, you can be sure your email is delivered according to plan.


Spam prevention tests

In order for your email to have the best chance at being opened and read by your target contacts, Mailify will perform an anti-spam check and alert you of any potential elements that might send your email to the spam folder.


Forward planning

While you can choose to send your email straight away, Mailify also allows you to schedule your campaign to be sent automatically at a date and time specified. That way, you can design and schedule your marketing email and focus on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that your emails will be sent according to your plan.


Optimal delivery time

Our bulk sender will assess the data in your contact list to determine the optimal time to send your email marketing campaign. By analysing the email opening patterns of your recipients, Mailiify can predict the day and time that will achieve the best result.