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The best bulk email sender for campaign success

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Délivrabilité REVO Délivrabilité REVO

REVO™: The smart way to send emails

Mailify invests the routing emailing REVO version 2.0 - a technology made specifically by our R&D unit that lets us optimize the deliverability of emailing for each destination domain. Here is the answer to "How to send a newsletter with good deliverability".

  • Dispatch time optimisation
  • Live tracking of our servers’ reputation
  • Automatic address cleaning and efficient bounce handling
  • An integrated anti-spam programme
  • Intelligent mail-abuse prevention
  • Choose the best bulk email sender for campaign deliverability

    With revolutionary routing infrastructure, Mailify is the best bulk email sender for campaign deliverability

    The best bulk email sender for bounce and complaint management

    Email authentication is the key to preventing email fraud, improving deliverability and ensuring continued delivery to all recipients. By applying all types of authentication, our intuitive email marketing platform automatically detects and deals with bounces as well as complaints within the software itself.

    Trusted by all the key providers

    We maintain strong relationships with the relevant contacts from email providers across the globe. That way, we are always in the loop with the latest changes and can respond quickly should any issues occur.

    Optimised IP assignment

    Ensure your IP address is whitelisted by key providers with Mailify: our system is built to boost email campaign deliverability by automatically assigning IP addresses with strong sender reputations.

    Real-time reputation monitoring

    Mailify is committed in keeping a good name: that’s why our system has an in-built anti-spam program that is designed to automatically monitor and report on the reputation of our routing infrastructure.

    Recognised for our high standards

    It’s our continued efforts to improve our delivery capabilities for our customers that has earned us our strong reputation. As a certified member of the French DMA, we are listed as the best bulk email sender for high deliverability due to our reliable service and our adherence with the recommendations of the National Commission of Informatics and Liberty (CNIL).

    Complete control over your domain

    Mailify gives you greater flexibility and control over your sender domain by allowing for complete customisation of your shipping domain and tracking links. With our intuitive email marketing software, you can also choose to reserve a dedicated domain with the extension of your choice so as to not rely on the IP reputation of other senders.

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    A strong and secure infrastructure

    At Mailify, data protection is a top priority. We work with a specialist data centre in France, where all sensitive data is stored on firewalls that offer first-class security not unlike that used in banks. Access to the centre is limited and protected from the public; activity is monitored round the clock and the calendar. We take a stringent approach to GDPR compliance to give peace of mind to each and every user. You can be certain that we will never share your personal details with third parties. To add an extra layer of security, we ensure that only a select few members of the Mailify team have access to your account in order to provide technical advice and support where needed. We’ve undertaken a number of measures to boost the availability of our systems to allow you to complete data restoration should a you face any technical difficulties.


    Revolutionary routing technology

    We are always striving to improve the service we offer our users, which is why we have redefined routing with REVO technology 2.0. You can count on us to do everything we can to ensure your email is delivered smoothly to every target inbox.


    Domain name customisation

    With our bulk email sender, you get complete control over your server domain, allowing you to customise the domain name and behavioural tracking links. This will ensure consistency in your emails and boost the deliverability of your emails.


    Split-testing capabilities

    Unsure of which subject line will have more success? Test both versions to two sample groups from your target list to determine which generates the most interest. The winning version will then be sent to all other remaining contacts.


    A realistic preview of your email

    Before you send your email, you can preview how your message displays by sending a test version to your personal email address as well as the addresses of your colleagues. Our bulk email sender lets you check the appearance of your campaign in the full range of common webmails and desktop applications.


    Unlimited tests

    There is no restriction on how many test emails you can send: after all, it’s better to be overly-vigilant and get it right first time than lose a handful of subscribers due to a red flag you didn’t catch due to lack of testing. Our bulk email sender lets you see how your email will look across all email provider inboxes so you can make any final adjustments necessary.


    A full scan for red flags

    When you feel you are ready to click ‘send’ on your campaign, Mailify will perform a full scan of your campaign for any red flags that may have been missed before. If we find anything that doesn’t look right, we’ll alert you to the issue to ensure your campaign is sent correctly.


    A final deliverability test

    In order to enhance deliverability, Mailify will test it to ensure it reaches the inbox and not the spam box. If it spots any problems or the email doesn’t make it through, we will identify the reason and do our best to turn it around.


    An in-built scheduling system

    Plan your email campaigns in advance with Mailify and schedule them to send at a specified date and time: you might base this on location data or common opening times. With automated dispatching of your emails, you are free to focus on the strategy, the design and the message.


    Optimised delivery times

    Mailify tracks the behavioural patterns of your contacts to determine the optimal time to send email marketing campaigns. By identifying the best time of day to reach your contacts, you can target them with personalised content when they are their most responsive.