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The newsletter maker that allows for analysis of the statistics of your mailing campaigns

What are the key indicators to analyze a newsletter campaign?

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You have sent your newsletter and now you want to know if it has met the expected success? Do you have detailed statistics but do not know how to interpret them? Our newsletter maker may have the solution.

1 Opening rate

This statistic is the number of opened emails among all emails that were sent, in percentage form. It is important to analyze the single opening rate first, which is the percentage of contacts that actually opened your newsletter - no matter how many times. Have a newsletter maker that makes this intuitive for you.

2 Click-through rate

This rate is the number of times your recipients have clicked a link or button in your newsletter. A good click-through rate is often a sign of good profitability, provided that your landing page is effective. For this, refer to the conversion rate and the bounce rate of your visitors in Google Analytics.

3 Reactivity rate

This metric measures the number of clicks in relation to the number of openings in your email. This gives you an idea of the quality of your newsletter, from subject line to the content. A high rate means you master the arts of writing, design and layout.

4Unsubscription rate

This rate tells you the percentage of your recipients who have cancelled their subscription as a result of your campaign. The objective is to obtain the lowest possible unsubscription rate - if it's too high, it could harm your sender reputation.

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Here are some average rates in B2B and B2C, which you can see with our newsletter maker:

Opening rate

Click-through rate

B2B campaigns

Opening rate

Click-through rate

B2C campaigns

Discover how Mailify's newsletter maker helps you improve with each campaign


Global Geotracking

Locate your active recipients on a global map and enrich your geographic contact database. Mailify's newsletter maker helps you in using this data to target your specific recipients based on their location.


Detailed statistical reports

Mailify's newsletter maker provides you with detailed statistics that help you improve the ROI of your marketing. Find out which link, text, button or visual has generated the most clcks and boost your future campaigns.


Individual behavioral follow-up

Analyze the opening, click-through and unsubscription rates of your campaigns individually. Identify the contacts who have most clicked or opened your emails and develop on those.


Reading time calculation (unique)

Go beyond the opening and click rates when looking at your statistics. Mailify's newsletter maker gives you the real reading time of your newsletter, to better understand the general behavior of your contacts.


Reading device detection

Mailify shows you the most used email and webmails platforms used by your recipients, as well as their reading device (smartphone, tablet, PC). Adapt your marketing strategy to new consumer tastes.


Recovery of inactives

Filters allow you to target your recipients based on their data and behavior, such as inactive contacts. With our newsletter maker, you can reactivate your contacts according to the targeting criteria of your choice.


Behavioral segmentation

Relaunch only recipients who have not opened your email, or thank those who ordered. Refine your marketing with behavioral targeting and send the right email to the right recipients.


Extension Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics for the audience analysis of your website, you can enable statistical tracking in Mailify's newsletter maker to analyze the impact of your campaign on the traffic of your website.