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A simple and effective text message solution

The Sarbacane software allows you to quickly create text message follow-up campaigns based on your contacts' behavior and activity.


Send follow-up texts to inactive customers

Identify your inactive contacts

Sarbacane allows you to easily identify inactive contacts in your database or for a specific campaign. Depending on your situation, you can implement a re-engagement campaign using behavioral statistics or using automation.

Create a personalized message to reconnect

Sarbacane allows you to follow up over text message with inactive customers to try to reactivate them and arouse their interest. Find the right time and the right message to follow up with them. This will allow you to recreate a bond with the recipients of your message.

Combine email and text messages to re-engage your audience

For increased effectiveness without being intrusive, combine email and text messages in your reactivation campaign. Start by sending your customers an email campaign, then send a follow-up text message to those who opened your campaign to incite them to interact with you.

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Automatically send your follow-up texts to customers

Don't forget your active contacts

Don't forget that an automatic scenario has two branches. One is for active recipients (those who open and click the first campaign). These contacts have clearly shown an interest in your brand, and their conversion rate is often high.

Increase your revenues

Follow-up scenarios that combine email and text messages allow you to automate your cross-selling and upselling actions so your customers have a more relevant and targeted experience. It saves your sales team a huge amount of time.

Improve your customer relationship management

Have a more personalized and spontaneous relationship with your customers. With the implementation of these campaigns, you also increase the effectiveness of your customer loyalty strategy by contacting them at the right point in their purchasing process with a personalized and adapted message.

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What are the different types of automatic follow-up text messages?

Sarbacane allows you to keep in touch with your prospects and customers during their purchase process to enhance their experience. There are several types of automatic follow-up text messages you can use to boost sales and optimize your customer relationship. Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples of follow-up texts to send your customers.

Abandoned cart

Abandoned carts on e-commerce sites affect every business sector. Between 50% and 75% of users abandon their purchasing process online before they complete their order.
Create an abandoned cart scenario with Sarbacane to convince your leads to complete their orders. Use several communication channels (text message, email, etc.) to get the prospect's attention.

Follow-up text after an order

With Sarbacane, schedule a text message to be sent a few days after your customer's first order to thank them and recommend similar items, a discount on a future purchase, or an exclusive offer. Don't forget to follow up with them if they haven't ordered from your website in a while.

Follow-up sent after an invitation to an event

Sarbacane allows you to easily implement automatic scenarios to invite customers to your events. Schedule follow-up campaigns that target recipients who haven't signed up after your initial campaign. Make sure to follow up by text message and email for a more effective campaign.

Sarbacane helps you to create and send SMS reminders to your customers.