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A simple and effective text message solution

Text message marketing is an innovative, high-performance, profitable communication tool for companies that want to include it in their marketing strategy. It's important to use a professional text message marketing solution. Sarbacane is a major player in the text message marketing sector in France.

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Optimize the management of your contacts

Sarbacane features an excellent CRM tool that helps you manage and optimize your databases in order to get the best results.

Import your contacts

Import your contact list in a number of ways: .txt, .csv, or .xlsx files, SQL database, copy/paste, or manual entry of your recipients. Sarbacane is a multipurpose text message campaign program that adapts to your way of working.

Quickly synchronize your contact lists

Get data about the contacts in your CRM in real time with Sarbacane, as well as other tools you use every day.

Segment your database

Create different targets based on specific, quantifiable criteria (age, gender, country, interest, etc.). Segmentation allows you to tailor your message and make your communication more pertinent.

Learn more about managing your SMS contacts

Create a campaign in a few clicks with our text message software

Sarbacane's SMS software helps you to set up successful SMS marketing campaigns.

Write a concise and appealing message

Create a specific, dynamic message to make it easy to remember. Make it immediate and keep your message to less than 160 characters.

Improve the experience of your customers and prospects

Easily create landing pages and forms with responsive design using Sarbacane's intuitive editor that's dedicated to texting campaigns. Publish your personalized forms and enrich your contact lists to get more subscribers to your newsletter or encourage your contacts to respond to a survey...

Insert dynamic personalization fields

With Sarbacane Sunrise, you can easily personalize the sender and content of your text message campaign (last name, first name, title, job title, birthdate, nearest store, etc.) in order to create a relationship of proximity with your prospects and customers.

Automation Success Sarbacane Sunrise

Choose a trusted partner

Our text message marketing tool protects your data and increases your chances of success thanks to our top-quality servers, which deliver your campaigns.

Optimal deliverability

Increasing the deliverability of your messages is a priority for optimizing your campaign's chances of success. With an open rate of 95%, text message marketing is a reliable and innovative communication tool.

European routing servers

Enjoy the support of a real professional routing service. The reputation of our text message campaign software is based on a monitoring system that monitors the reputation of our servers 24 hours a day.

High-quality moderation

Sarbacane has developed a manual moderation process for text message campaigns sent by our customers. This ensures that our users follow best practices and respect our anti-spam policy.

Analyze the statistics of your campaigns

Analyze the statistics of your campaigns

A detailed statistical report

Improve your performance by measuring your KPIs: text message receipt rate, click rate, undeliverable rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.

A powerful behavior tracking tool

Get to know your recipients better by analyzing their behavior. Refine your marketing with behavioral targeting and follow up with your recipients.

Easier management of responses

Manage your recipients' replies from within Sarbacane and see the history of your conversations with them.

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