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How do you create a group of qualified text message contacts?


Optimize the management of your text message contacts

The success of a targeted text message campaign is based on the quality of the database, a well-designed segmentation and specific targeting.

Get your recipients' permission

Your database must be opt-in. When you send a marketing text message for commercial purposes, you must obtain the recipient's consent This person will be informed in advance that their telephone number may be used for prospecting purposes and that they have the right to object at any time.

Maintain your database

For a successful text message campaign, you need to clean up your contact list regularly for a good return on investment.

Import the contact list for you text message campaign

Import and save your contacts in Sarbacane Sunrise from a contact list in a .txt, .csv, or .xlsx file. You can also import an SQL database or copy and paste a contact list, or manually enter your contacts.

Segment a contact list

Segment your contact list

Segmentation and targeting are key to getting the best results. A good understanding of your customers will allow you to target your audience accurately and send personalized messages that are suited to your contacts' expectations and needs. We recommend sorting your text message file into groups based on age, gender, interest, geographical location, etc.

Why and how to create an SMS campaign?

Send a text message to multiple recipients

With our text message marketing campaign platform, Sarbacane, you can optimize the deliverability of your messages. Customize your message and our experts will send it to your contacts.


Automatically manage unsubscription requests from your text message campaigns

The use of STOP SMS is a legal mention added to the end of your message that allows recipients to unsubscribe if they want to.

Sarbacane automatically adds "STOP" to your marketing texts when the sender is personalized and automatically handles requests to unsubscribe. Recipients to unsubscribe from your text messages will be automatically be added to a blacklist so they won't be contacted in your future campaigns.

Manage the replies from the recipients of your texts

You can also manage the replies from the recipients who have responded to your text campaigns through Sarbacane, our platform for sending marketing text messages. This way, you can easily interact with your recipients and see the history of your conversation with them.

SMS analysis
Illustration of SMS campaign statistics analysis

Analyze the statistics of your text campaigns

How do I know if your recipients have read your marketing texts? It's easy! Just measure the performance of your campaign using Sarbacane. You can also track other indicators, such as text message reception rate, click rate, or unsubscription rate.