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Definition and benefits of SMS Marketing campaigns

SMS campaigns can be defined as a marketing strategy that consists in sending promotional and sales messages to mobile devices using a short text. It is a communication tool that is much used by companies that want to communicate effectively and quickly with their contact list.

SMS advertising campaigns have an excellent opening rate of about 95%.

Sarbacane is a reference sending platform for your SMS marketing campaigns.

What is the difference between SMS marketing and Notification?

The marketing sms is a message used to send promotional offers to your customers. This can be a sales proposal, or an invitation to your events...

The SMS notification, also called alert notification messages, allows companies to inform their customers of an action done or to be done. They are related to critical information often expected by the recipient (password change, alerts, notifications of shipment or order delivery, confirmation or reminder of appointments, etc...).

How to create an SMS campaign?

Professional SMS campaigns are an integral part of the companies' communication strategy. They make it possible to convert prospects and build customer loyalty.

Respect the maximum number of characters

The message of your SMS marketing must be clear and concise in order to capture the attention of your contacts. An SMS can contain 160 characters. An SMS campaign can contain up to 450 characters, meaning the equivalent of 3 sms, to be sent in a single message block.

Personalize your SMS marketing

You can personalize the sender of your SMS campaign. This personalization allows you to be identified more easily and to create a trust-based relationship with your recipients. It is also possible to personalize the content of each SMS sent with dynamic fields (First name, Last name...).

Optimize your mobile landing pages

The link to a mobile landing page allows you to enrich your SMS marketing with a longer message. They promote quick access to important information and engage your customers.

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What is the difference between a simple SMS and a rich SMS?

A "simple" SMS is understood to be when you insert a link to your website or to a web page not hosted by our Sarbacane.

We define an "enriched" SMS as a link to a landing page created from Sarbacane. The pages created with Sarbacane are automatically responsive.


How much does an SMS campaign cost?

You can test our SMS marketing solution for free during 30 days (500 email credits and 10 SMS credits included). The number of SMS credits debited per SMS sent will depend on the length of your message. Sarbacane also allows you to send SMS internationally (list of countries available on request). The rates of the SMS packs do not change. Only the cost in credit per SMS sent can vary according to the destination.

What are our features related to SMS marketing?



check_circle Unlimited contact import (manual or synchronized)

check_circle Personalization and behavioral targeting

check_circle Automatic management of the SMS STOP

check_circle Automatic management of unsubscriptions



check_circle SMS marketing or notification

check_circle SMS up to 450 characters

check_circle Inserting links

check_circle Message preview

check_circle Dynamic fields



check_circle Immediate or scheduled sending

check_circle Single or mass sending

check_circle Sender personalization

check_circle Sending of automatic campaigns

check_circle Sending of tests



check_circle Detailed report based on one or several campaigns

check_circle Behavioral tracking

check_circle Targeted follow-up emails

check_circle Integrated Reply Management

Why should you analyze the performance of your sms advertising campaigns?

Analyzing the detailed statistics of your SMS marketing campaigns allows you to measure the profitability of the campaigns sent and to improve your next campaigns. It is essential to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to determine if you have reached your objectives. Our sales SMS sending platform, Sarbacane, gives you many statistics on your sendings: opening rate, click rate...

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Marketing Automation, the tool that helps you save time

When we talk about SMS marketing campaign, it can also include marketing automation (or trigger marketing). SMS automation means the automatic sending of your messages according to the profile and behavior of your recipients.

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