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Discover all the features to create a newsletter that will impress

How to create a newsletter that is professional and memorable?

Arguments créer emailing

Creating email marketing campaigns that look and feel professional calls for a tool that's aimed at doing precisely that. Trying to create campaigns with Outlook, traditional email providers or design software, simply isn't an option.
In a nutshell, there are two paths you can take: either you're an HTML code savvy and can create your email marketing template with the help of software like Dreamwaver. Or, if coding is not your thing, you can use an email marketing tool to intuitively design professional newsletters without knowing HTML. Basically, this kind of tool allows you to:

1 Intuitively create newsletter campaigns

With the help of an email editor, you can create the newsletter template you have in mind. You can add pictures and texts, call-to-action buttons and fine-tune the layout till you get it just right.

Discover our intuitive email editor

2 Create responsive email marketing

It's vital to create an email that works well on a mobile devices, smartphones, or tablets. About 50% of all emails sent around the world are opened and read on mobile.

Learn ,more about responsive emails

3 Customize content to suit your audience

A professional email marketing tool will allow you to customize certain elements of your email so that they change and adapt depending on an individual recipient. Custom email marketing campaigns are always more efficient.

4 Use professional email marketing templates

Typically, email marketing software will offer you a library of professionally crafted templates - all you have to do is add your own content. This is a real time-saver.

Your recipients will love to hear from you

Seduce your contacts with douzens of great templates for ready-to-use newsletters that automatically adapt to any screen. Create newsletters that your contacts won't forget.

How to create newsletters in just a few clicks? Let Mailify help you out.


Drag & Drop Email Editor

Thanks to our EmailBuilder, creating a newsletter campaign has never been more intuitive. Add blocks of text, images by dragging and dropping them. Customize the colors and adapt the message to fit your brand.


Add attachments

If you wish, you have the possibility to add attachments to each message sent in your email marketing campaign to support the content of your messages.


Hundreds of free images for your newsletters

To personalize your mailings, you have at your diposal a photo library of over 1.000 royalty free photos, sorted by categories. Use them to illustrate your messages with beautiful visual impact!


Add dynamic fields

Add dynamic fields personalization fields according to each recipient to display names, surnames, gender or other personal infomation in your newsletters.


Automatically responsive

All messages created with Mailify's EmailBuilder, and the available templates, are 100% responsive. There is no need for technical knowledge, they adapt automatically to the screen of the device.


Code your newsletter

Do you want to import the HTML code of your own emails to Mailify?  Our newsletter creator has an HTML editor in WYSIWYG allowing you to edit the HTML and CSS code of your newsletter.