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Timing an action

The tool for creating automatic workflows allows you to freely set the timing of your various actions (sending a message or inserting contacts in a list), using the delay options provided.

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Delaying your actions

For each action, you can define a delay time before sending the message or before adding the contacts to a list.

This delay will start either:

  • after fulfillment of the condition of the previous message (example: if the condition of the previous message is "clicked", the delay will start after the detection of the click),
  • after the period in which the condition of the previous message could have been met but was not,
  • after the sending of the previous message if no condition has been associated with this message.

    When you add messages to your workflow, it is recommended to add a delay time so that messages do not follow one and other too soon, and so that your recipients are not overloaded.
    For each available action (adding a message or adding a contact to a list), you can choose a delay time between 1 minute and 99 days.

    However, if you wish, you can choose to trigger your action (message sending or contact insertion in a list of your choice) without any delay, by selecting the "Immediately" option.

    Selecting "Immediately" does not necessarily mean that your action will be triggered immediately after the previous message (unless the previous message does not contain a condition) since the fulfilment of a condition is subject to a fulfilment period. In the case of an unfulfilled condition and of an action (message seding or contact insertion in a list) completed immediately after the unfulfilled condition, there would therefore be a waiting time between the first message and the triggering of the action equivalent to the duration of the condition's realization. Find out more about the timeframe for fulfilling a condition.

    Timing and sending times

    Specific sending restrictions may apply to all or part of your automatic workflow for the following reasons:
  • You have defined specific sending ranges for your automatic campaign,
  • you have defined specific sending ranges for one or more messages,
  • one or more messages of your campaign are marketing SMS.

    In the event that the message falls into an excluded time slot, the message will sent at the next available moment.

    Exception: Delay on "Date" type trigger.

    When using a "Date" trigger, you can delay the trigger. This allows you to trigger your scenario before the date is reached.

    For example, you can send an alert regarding the renewal of a subscription, or send an SMS a few days before a birthday with a promo code valid on D-Day in store...

    To set a delay for the "Date" trigger, go to the settings of your trigger and enter the delay time.