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How to analyze the statistics of an SMS campaign?

Statistics of an SMS campaign

To analyze the statistics of an SMS campaign, go to the "Statistics" screen. When you click on one of the campaigns displayed on the pane on the left of your screen, you trigger a screen displaying the statistics specific to the campaign in question.

Several tools allow your to refine your search for a particular campaign. Select if you want to search by campaign type, date sent, tags or simply by name, to find the campaign of your choice.

Once you have identified the SMS campaign you want to scan, click on it in the right pane.

The statistics specific to this campaign are displayed on the screen. A number of indicators allow you to analyze the performance of your campaign.

To learn more about these performance indicators and how to interpret each of them, click here.

Statistics of multiple SMS campaigns

Do you want to analyze the number of SMS messages you have sent over a given period? Want to find out the delivery rate of all your SMS campaigns combined?

To analyze the performance of an accumulation of SMS campaigns, click here.