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How many characters does an SMS contain and how many credits will be deducted?

A counter at the top right of this screen allows you to locate the number of characters you have entered.

For the record, an SMS contains 160 characters.

You can write an SMS up to 450 characters maximum. The number of credits debited does not correspond to the number of messages sent. Your recipients will always receive one single message block (your SMS will not be split into 3 SMS sent one after the other when you use 3 credits).

The length of your message will depend on the number of credits that will be debited per contact.

Up to 160 characters = 1 SMS = 1 credit charged per contact for sending this campaign.

Between 161 and 300 characters = 2 SMS = 2 credits charged per contact for sending this campaign.

Between 301 and 450 characters = 3 SMS = 3 credits charged per contact for sending this campaign.

Warning: the links you insert are deducted from your input characters.We advise you to use a shortener URL before inserting a link in your SMS in order to gain in number of characters.

When you insert a link to a landing page with Mailify Sunrise, the link is automatically shortened and will count down to 20 characters.

Likewise, some special characters are worth double.

Mailify Sunrise supports the sending of content composed of characters from the tables below: the insertion of the sign €, for example, will count 2 characters.

If a character outside these tables is received, we will try to replace it with the nearest equivalent character if it exists (for example, "ê" becomes "e").

If we do not find a satisfactory equivalence, we will use a wildcard character, the "?".

Be careful when you insert dynamic personalization fields in your SMS. The number of credits debited may vary from one recipient to another for the same campaign. Learn more.

In general, whatever the purpose of your message, we advise you to write your SMS so that it does not exceed (or little) the 160 characters. Indeed, the strength of SMS lies in the brevity of its content. A short SMS will have a great chance of being memorized, and your return on investment will be even more important.