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What is authentication?

Authentication brings together a set of techniques that allow email servers to send emails with a domain name.

 Anyone can appropriate an email address without permission from the real owner.

Authentication is therefore a way to tell the receiving mail that the domain used in the email address is not fake.

There are different authentication systems: SPF/SENDER ID, DKIM and DMARC. More and more email providers, especially Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail are encouraging senders to authenticate shipments for better deliverability. In addition, some providers put a small icon in their inbox indicating that you are an authenticated sender. This improves confidence and can influence the opening rate.

It is important to specify that authentication does not guarantee arrival in the inbox. It contributes to improving the deliverability of your messages but does not dispense other necessary optimizations, on the content in particular.

By using authentication, you can instantly bypass certain filters, giving your campaigns a better chance of arriving in a destination box and increasing the open rate.

By default, Mailify uses its own shipping domain names that are authenticated when you enable the "Enable authentication" option in your campaign settings (recommended). In this case, the SPF/SENDER ID, DKIM and DMARC signatures are already implemented on our own domain names assigned by default when sending.