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How can I share my email campaign and give it tags?

After selecting "Standard campaign" from the previous menu, you are prompted to name your campaign.

The name of the campaign will not be visible to recipients who will receive it. The name is used to identify your campaign and easily find it in your mailing history and statistics.

You also have the option to manage campaign sharing with one or more Mailify Sunrise users (only if you are an account administrator) as well as assign tags (or "tags") to your campaign.


Sharing a campaign

Sharing your campaign gives one or more users the right to view, modify or send your campaign (according to the rights you have given them in the sharing settings of your Mailify account).

The "Edit" button opens a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the users with whom the campaign will be shared.

partage campagne utilisateurs

WARNING: By default, your campaign is shared with everyone in your account. To not share your campaign, you must uncheck all users.

You can modify the sharing of a specific campaign at any time from the Mailify Sunrise home screen or from the "Campaigns" screen by clicking on the drop-down menu next to your campaign name and choosing "Properties" .

You can edit the sharing settings by clicking "Manage users".




Adding tags to a campaign makes it possible to classify it according to a theme defined by the user, thus making the campaign more easily identifiable and it will be possible to filter the statistics by tag. By clicking on the "Modify" button, it is possible to select the tags to associate with your campaign.

The "Manage tags" button allows you to add, modify or delete tags from your current tag list.

The  supprimer tag sarbacane  icon allows you to delete an existing tag.

The "Add tag" button allows you to add a new tag to the current list. It is better to add a description to your tag. This description will be displayed on the flyover, which allows your users to get more information about the tag associated with your campaign.

You can also manage the color of your tag to identify it more easily among others.

Once you've named and managed your campaign properties, validate to move on to the next step, importing contacts into a campaign.