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How to synchronize your Google Sheets contact lists with Mailify?


From Mailify, go to the "Contact lists" menu and create a new list.


Choose the option "Synchronized list".



Then select Google Sheets in the list of connectors.



When you synchronize a Google Sheet document with Mailify for the first time or when you synchronize a document coming from a new Google account, you must first select/add the account and connect to it.


Then follow the instructions to authorize the "GSheets Sarbacane Collector" application to execute the operations required for the synchronization.


Copy the synchronization code.



Paste it in Mailify, then validate.



Once the connection has been established between your Google account and Mailify, choose the folder and the Google Sheets sheet you want to import to Mailify.


You will find your list in the tab "Synchronized lists".


Note that the synchronization may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the document.


Your Google Sheets sheet will then continuously synchronize with Mailify. You can consult the content of the list at any time and use it for your targeting and emails. However, synchronized lists can't be edited with Mailify.


Warning: deleting contacts on Google Sheets is not taken into account on Mailify although the list has been synchronized first.


To add a list from a new Google account, add an account and follow same instructions again.



To add a list from a Google Accounts won't be asked again for the access permissions and the sync code.